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Occupying roads to Philly!

July 21st, 2016 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in New York -OWS | Philadelphia

The OTR gang left Pueblo on Tuesday and as of 8 am Thursday we are about 500 miles from Philly, making great time on our journey to the People’s Convention. Could it be any hotter? Our air conditioner is not working well. Needless to say it’s a wee bit warm in the back, so we’re all fighting over who’s going to drive!  Plenty of laughs are being had as we make our way to the destination,  it’s too hot to stop!  There’s no generator so we’re hoping to get power at the final stop.   Just gets better doesn’t it….but it doesn’t curb the laughter aboard the ‘V’.

We paid a visit to the Equality House thanks to research and a bit of prompting by Mike Grace. What a hoot that was.  We ran into a fun bunch of youngsters who had also come to see this house that was put in protest of the Westboro Baptist Church (haters).  It couldn’t have been more fun…really. One great photo op and a good time had by all. Next up?

Later on the ‘V’, after the Oreo cookies went flying and the laughter ceased, we knuckled down to a work session to discuss a new website for Pueblo House. Thankfully Jay Jacoby is helping us to get a more professional look.

We estimate to be rolling into Philly around 6 or 7 on Thursday (today).  Yesterday was way too much fun and the belly laughs were plentiful. We landed at Enon Beach RV park last night. That’s when we realized the front hood on the ‘V’ had 2 bolts missing and one end was completely un- hooked, other than that tiny little locking arm on the lock.  We volunteered Mike Grace to seal the top of the RV so we can rest assured the roof will not leak should we be fortunate enough to get rain. Now we are in search of a couple bolts, along with a water hose(which I happen to forget) when we find a Wallymart!

We did enjoy some hot showers, a small lake (Catherine Calderon was the only one brave enough to wade through the geese poop)……and OMG …air conditioning, so we all slept well and at 5:30 am we began another fun day on the ‘V’. After, emptying sewers and refueling our bodies with a very strong cup of coffee I’m happy to report we are back occupying the roads! Let’s hope our hood doesn’t take flight before we get a couple bolts.

After a visit to Wally world in Columbus we are now back on the road and making our way to Philadelphia to join we peeps for the People’s Revolution and Convention.


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