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POST DNC….now what?

July 30th, 2016 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in DNC | Philadelphia

There’s so much going on that people are not being made aware of and it pains me to see how folks are prepared to follow blindly ….based on limited information.

After leaving Philly I can say there are thousands of disgruntled people trying to have a voice, but the media are not covering the story. At the DNC….50k in the streets and over 10k in the park the night the delegates walked out. We no longer have to vote for the lesser of two evils. I’m concerned that those who just want to see a woman in office will make poor decisions. Yes, we need a woman, but not Hilary! We have plenty of great women in this country who would make a great president. But our choices are always limited to those who are the chosen ones! I’m not buying it and others are NOT buying it either. I’ve spent 5 years staying connected to people in the know. I feel I’ve earned the right to state my convictions and back them with plenty of facts. I’ve toured the country for over 3 years listening to ordinary people and then toured with Iraq Vets Against War…. soldiers who came home broken,beaten and struggling to understand this crazy country that continues to use them as canon fodder.

If we’re to have change it will come from someone new. We can not sit by and keep voting in the same mentality and expect to make a difference. Vote your conscience, but don’t complain when nothing changes….the same old, same old will get you the same old, same old. Perhaps the young people will be the ones to set this country on the right track. Plenty of them were in the streets in Philly looking for answers and wanting justice and equality. It was them who put Obama in office…it was 10 million of them who saw HOPE & CHANGE and got involved until they were left abandoned. Now it will be them who rise up to make it happen. I’m hoping I’m still around to see it. (Janet W)

Eden Mcfadden at the DNC

Kshama Savant talks at “Friends”

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