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Cinco de Mayo – Citations issued 11 days after the fact!

May 1st, 2015 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Cinco de Mayo | Pueblo - (Comments Off on Cinco de Mayo – Citations issued 11 days after the fact!)

How fitting that the Cinco de Mayo Parade has become such a controversial topic in Pueblo.  Fitting that it ended in a protest & revolt against the “establishment”.   The E.A.S.T. group feel they were  targeted by unrealistic, arbitrary demands, regarding barriers.  Who would possibly need 40 -6 ft high and 8ft wide barricades for a simple half hour parade extending 13 blocks.  Even the barricade companies stated that “we must have misunderstood the request” and that it was “overkill”.    But this was exactly what was being asked of us before the city of Pueblo would issue our permit (requested on March 17th).  The day before the parade the Chieftain newspaper made comment that no permit had been issued and that Janet said “I’m prepared to get arrested but the parade will go on”.   At last minute a barricade company offered to supply the barricades, but sadly they bailed last minute (no one knows why except that) Chief Velez stated the barricades “were not sufficient”.  So the parade went ahead without a permit and therefore schools, marching bands and city officials were all unable to participate in our ILLEGAL parade, where we did have a large amount of cars and we DID occupy the streets!  Overall the parade was a huge success and everyone had a good time.  The traffic was very accommodating and just before it started 4 men from Eastside who are well known came to help organize the cars/floats then lead the parade through the streets in good old fashion style.