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Last week updates from Pueblo & Trinidad, CO

September 29th, 2014 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Lil Stone House | LWV | Pueblo | Stone House | Trinidad

We’d like to welcome Marcel Kuemmet who arrived last week to lend a hand fixing the Li’l stone house, where we’re building a future music and art space for kids on the Eastside of Pueblo.  We’re excited with all that’s been happening here to get us to the finish line with our music space.  We can’t wait until we can use it for Friday night open mic.

The “V” was in Trinidad, CO this past week for a the Southeast Regional Philanthropy Days.  Over 3 days we pitched our case for a grant so we could fund our vision of 3 functional houses all offering unique things.  The media house will be the most expensive to fix and we’ll definitely need grant help to make that happen.  If anyone knows of grant writers send them our way :-)

Saturday evening the kids gathered at Pueblo House to make salsa for distributing to neighbors as we go around introducing ourselves.

The League of Women Voters had a table in Pueblo West High School to get students signed up to vote.  Happy to report many were signed and now it’s a matter of educating them and giving them some one worthy of a vote!

Went to breakfast on the MESA in Pueblo and met some wonderful people who run Dana’s Li’l Kitchen.  It was there we met a young veteran named Ryan who will give us an interview of his experience overseas in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Not only that, he’s going to bring his 94 yr old grandfather who’s seen a couple wars himself.  In exchange I offered to take some family portraits for he & his wife and kids.  (JW)



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