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PCC Job Fair and Youth meetings

May 13th, 2014 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Monsanto Rally | Pueblo | WaveofAction

Last night Pueblo House had a few young 20 year olds who were interested in finding out more about Monsanto and what they’re doing to our food supply.  With a growing concern about foods being genetically modified they wanted information and answers.   Colorado is fighting back with the “right to know” request for labeling.   Petitions will be gathered and signatures submitted to get this on the ballot for November.

May 24th will be a global day of protest with large marches taking place across the globe.   We will be there supporting the march against Monsanto set to take place on Northern Blvd on the south side.  We’re expecting quite a crowd to show up and help educate the public on what a GMO is and how it affects those that ingest it.

We ended the night watching the movie “End of the Road” which talks about the money printing business of the Federal Reserve.  It explains the process and why it’s not sustainable to keep printing money with nothing backing it.  In 1971 when Nixon took the gold back standard to a fiat system that was a license to print and spend money like drunk’n sailors.  The U.S. will pay the price if and when the collapse happens.  2008 was just a prelude to what’s coming in our opinion.  The Federal Reserve has seen its day….we’ll hope!

Today we visited the Pueblo Community College where a youth work fair was taking place.    Walking around the fair I noticed that the recruiters were on hand and it saddened me that they target our young with promises of free education and make the army, navy, air force out to be an exciting “career” when many will go through a terrible time, seeing things they shouldn’t and maybe end up with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) or die.  I wish we could end war and save all these young people from a life that is far beyond what they could imagine.  Our young should be enjoying life, raising families and or doing things they love that will give them a healthy future, not end up in perpetual wars where the rich vie for  resources.

Some of the people from My Youth Link  were on site to give kids information on their program with Colorado Workforce and others.  There’s plenty of help available for students both in and out of school so check it out.

My Youth Link

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