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Wave of Action made a ripple in Pueblo, CO

April 4th, 2014 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | WaveofAction
Let the WAVE…begin! We made our first ripple in the ocean of CHANGE!
The Global Wave of Action was alive and well in Pueblo, CO! We parked the “V” in a busy supermarket on a very busy street and within minutes met our first onlooker, Dustin. After that many more including Dorin, John & Rhonda, Sade & Jacqueline, Brenda & Hannah (Happy Birthday), Greg & Tom, Lois, Lacey and Monica….all people who we met, and conversed with, then educated about the issues we face. They now know about OTR and all we’re doing around the country, and also at Pueblo House. They understand our mission to regain sanity in government. All of those we met were outraged at the injustice being inflicted on the middle class, or the contaminating of our food, or the raping of our land and our bought politicians. But then the same story…what can be done?  
We had a lot of promises of some willing to come help (on the Li’l Red House and our soon to be music & art house), get involved and to be a supporter. We met a pediatrician, a carpenter, a photographer and a couple kids who like to sing and dance, all of them loved the idea of what we’re doing on the Eastside with our Pueblo House our Li’l Red House and the Li’l Stone House.  All were offering to help get the music and art house up and running, because the “need is huge”. Even though there were only 3 of us handing out flyers, we spent almost 3 hours and had a very productive day.

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