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OTR gives birth to OTR Foundation

April 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo

The OTR team is in Pueblo CO where we’re donating our time to bring a music & art center to East Pueblo.  The house was boarded up for 5 years and needs plenty of TLC.    The company is now two entities  OTR (the “V”) and OTR Foundation (the Properties).   OTR is a 501c4 and OTRF a 501c3.  This opens plenty of doors for grants and other opportunities that will help us get supplies and resources to finish the houses so that we can start our programs.   We’re seeking volunteers and skilled laborers to help us get to the finish line.  There are boarded up homes just waiting for new occupants.  We can help anyone who wishes to take one over and restore. 

The “V” is itching to be back on the roads.  It will probably be a month or two before we can head out and start the education/enlightenment for social and economic justice again.  We’ll be participating in the Cinco de Mayo parade and might even find a new costume for the “V”.    In the meantime, between renovations, organizing trades, attending meetings (League of Women Voters, Veterans For Peace, Healthcare for All CO & Agency Services for Youth), and my p/t bookkeeping job, I will be trying to write the rest of my book.

We’re planning another outdoor concert in May and will post the date soon.   (Janet)

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