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Protest in Vancouver, BC

March 1st, 2014 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Omnibus March on Harper | Vancouver, BC -Canada

Today was the March 1s Omnibus march against Harper nationwide.  It was an awesome day as we marched in the streets of downtown Vancouver. Many protesters showed up  to speak out against Stephen Harper ….with his secret deals, his reneging on treaties and his strong ties with big corp’s who need “favors”.  Just like the US, Canada is struggling, with politicians being bought and sliding deals through without the “people’s” knowledge. But many groups are paying close attention and today they came together and it was awesome.
Most surprising was the low key police presence and their very decent attitude toward the marchers. Quite a pleasant surprise after the Denver march on Nov. 5th where the militia rolled out and protesters were harassed, face planted and arrested. Nothing of the kind here. The police blocked the intersections and actually had dialogue with the protesters. Lots of different ages, cultures and most of all…committed people who care about what’s happening to their land, their water and the air we breathe. There were many collecting signatures against Enbridge and Big OIL!!!

The weather was very decent, only getting cooler toward the end. My little buddy Hanna (my grand daughter) was quite a trooper and definitely has the makings of a future protester like her Nana. She was a huge hit with the cameras and we treated ourselves to lunch and dinner out before rolling into Squamish where I’m staying at my daughters while they deal with a family situation in Whistler.  With all the sickness and deaths so far, 2014 is off to a very bad start.  One of our directors had a stroke but Glen Burke was recovering nicely in rehab when I left Pueblo, Colorado.  Two other friends have died, both battled cancer for months and now brain cancer has plagued our family.   I will be in B.C. Canada for the next little while and plan to return to Colorado to finish our music & art space in East Pueblo.  With 2 donated houses and a possible third it’s keeping us all very busy. (Janet)

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