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Electrifying here at Pueblo House….

January 11th, 2014 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House
So today, thanks to our favorite guy (Ken Shore) we were finally able to see all the lights & switches in the house working properly. It was electric! Ken Shore was the original electrician who volunteered to wire the house with some interns from PCC after a little prompting and encouragement (ok begging) from Don Pfost. In the end Ken did most of the work himself spending countless hours. Albert Herrera picked up the ball and did some wiring for our kitchen after that. Then, being the great guy he is, came out today from Denver and made our lives so much better.
We have a working washer, dryer, basement lights and OMG every light switch & plug works. We’re now ready to get our sign off and start our programs. I can hear that sigh of relief as Joe and Rick hang up their electric caps!
It was a whirlwind day with all the other things happening but everything worked out and other than missing a visit from Monica & TJ (also from Denver) we feel a huge sense of accomplishment today. Thank you Ken for helping PH over the hurdle. Thank you Don for the yummy donuts and thanks to Monica & TJ for a dessert left for us to enjoy.
A few days ago our own Alais Clay (Stephanie) was off to Denver where she’ll be taking a video editing course and working on her new album set to release soon.  She has a crowdsource started through Indiegogo and once made she plans to offer the album for free.  She plans to continue her work here with the kids two weekends a month.  We will miss her a lot.  She got very creative before leaving, painting the bookcase, the bathroom downstairs and our old beat up kitchen table.  Lots of reminders for us as we work around the huge empty space she left in our hearts. 


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