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January 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Lil Stone House | Pueblo | Pueblo House | Stone House

Ken Shore will be coming back (from Denver) on Sat. to finish the final electrical needs. Can’t wait to see him, as we always have a few laughs. After this weekend we’ll be in a position to have the final inspection redone. Then we’re off to restore the Stone House next, for evaluation (so far a quote for the water main break is going to cost $2280) and material gathering, costs.  We now have a prospect of another house and that’s being considered for outstanding taxes approx. $2600.

Glen, one of our directors (who recently had a stroke) is doing well on the road to recovery. He’s getting physical therapy now and plans are that he’s going to be released on Feb. 7th if all goes well.  He’s in Parkview Hospital in room 309 (B) where he has a phone. His sense of humor is still alive and well. Some days he’s a bit more tired than others but considering what he’s been through he’s doing great.

Joe is finalizing some trim on the kitchen walls and been getting lots of little things done around PH. I put all the files into our new filing cabinet, where we’re now organized. With files in one place it sure helps to be able to find things.  Been extremely busy around the house….no shortage of things to do.

We’ve had some interest from the Chieftain article that ran and then had this article run on media

Chieftain article on:

“Petition to Deny Media Licensing”  which has sparked some interesting responses.

Dr. Anne Courtright was here visiting yesterday and stayed for our meeting with Wade (from City Planning) who came to give us info on the neighborhood, the historic process, plans for the area and whether being on the historic list (whether local or National) might work for us. It was a great meeting.  On Jan. 29th  the Denver historic folks will be coming and accessing.

The IRS asked us to file another application for 501c3 for the “Foundation” which will consist of the properties. The other application (submitted in Aug. 2012) will be used to make OTR (the RV & Travels) a 501c4. Yep, another $850 for that puppy! But in the end we will have two non-profits with the Foundation proposed to be tax exempt for donations for furthering the music & art house and getting us much needed grants. In short order we will have a Community House, A Music & Art Center and our newest addition will be considered for a Media Center (we applied for low frequency radio station), all on the same street. We were hoping to see some locals step in and help, but so far that hasn’t happened. In the meantime and to get things moving we’re reaching out to the Nation to find people who might be interested in building a self sustained community of art/music/media space here on 5th St. Join us or contact us for more information:

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