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Last week in Pueblo

January 18th, 2014 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Education | Meetings | Pueblo | Pueblo House

While waiting for the electrical inspection on Wed.  we made a frame for our sign and around the map.  Pictures from various camps and events over the past two years were used, so you might see yourself!   In the end, the final inspection for Pueblo House was not a success. Apparently every plug needs to be “tamper proof” and many more GFI’s are needed and there’s the breakers which need something because the smoke detector is on that circuit, and then there’s this and that and something over here and something over there. OMG….how did we, as kids, survive in the day I wonder? Looks like it’s going to take another $300 in order to get signed off on another inspection. The good news that Ken is coming back out, so we get to have another visit.   In the meantime Joe is going to switch out and replace the plugs.

On Monday the League of Women Voters luncheon had guest speaker, Detention Chief Darlene Alcala, who discussed what jail personnel are doing about inmates who have mental health and substance abuse issues.  It was quite educational.  If at all possible we’d like to work with the juveniles where we can for community service and mentoring.  We’re hoping the music and art house (which we’re working on next) will keep kids busy.

So happy to report that Pueblo Electrics is going to help us out again with getting electric to the SH.  They came out on Thursday to do an assessment of the house and give a quote to wire the house fully.   The box and wiring to the house was at cost.  We sure do love Pueblo Electrics and can’t wait for them to join us for that very first concert in spring.

It’s been a long time coming and it was only through the many volunteers that Pueblo House is now ready for programs.
We’re working with many of the local groups like Teen Pregnancy-Health Care, My Youth Link, CO Workforce and many others. The City Planning (Wade & Beritt) will be coming by for a visit and we’ll discuss historical status for both buildings (since both are over 100 years old) which will hopefully provide us with funding ability.

In the afternoon on Wed. Jan 15, Cheryl Moore and Janet met up with the La Gente Sports Youth and Diana Hall from T.R.A.C.K. then took about 20 kids to the courts to play Pickleball.  That was a great afternoon, albeit a little windy.  But the kids had a ball and got to hit quite a few balls in that hour.

Loretta from the Chieftain came by on Thursday to do a profile on me and asked how OTR got started.  She sure has been good about  getting us much needed publicity for OTR, Pueblo House and now our newest addition the Music & Art center on the corner of 5th and Hudson.  That article is expected to be in the Sunday or Monday edition of the Chieftain.

Friday was a mix of  best day and worst day. It began with a great meeting early on with the folks at CO Workforce who will be teaming up with us.  Together we’ll be teaching and coaching kids in a variety of things like movie making, art, video editing, photography, gardening, canning, cooking, etc..  Joe and I picked up 2 shelves and a filing cabinet donated to PH (thank you Teresa Trujillo).

Later in the day I went by to visit Glen and found him on the kitchen floor with no way to get up.  He’d been lying there since 6:30 in the morning when, on his way to the bathroom, he blacked out and fell, most likely a stroke was involved and tests are being done to confirm.  I was thankful that I had decided to stop in, but sad that it was 3 pm and he’d been lying there for 9 hours.

Glen is now in Parkview Hospital where he’ll be until diagnosis and treatment are confirmed and he has his strength back.  It will be hard to keep our main man and hero down.  Glen has been instrumental in getting the Pueblo House where it is today!



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