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Finally we can see the light…..

December 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House | Stone House

Another busy day at Pueblo House with all the chores we’re trying to get done before the cold spell comes mid week.
Baseboards being sanded, painted and brought in for reinstalling and then lots of electrical switches & plugs being put in.  Joe had sanded one huge baseboard yesterday then brought out the rest of the baseboards that needed fixing so Stephen and I could get them done while he worked on trying to figure out the electrical before Rick came.We want to send a big thanks to Rick Stanton and Ken Shore for being so incredibly helpful as we worked out a few kinks tonight. Ken (on the phone with us from Denver and the original electrician who wired the PH) walked Rick through a series of steps to get the front entrance light working. It was shorting out some of the other switches and we finally found the culprit. Both of these guys were extremely patient as I sent photo’s to Ken so he could guide us through the procedure. Alas, we have lights and many, new looking, door frames and baseboards all restored. Late in the afternoon Kayla got to run in the doggie park. Then after dinner we used our creative skills to hone in on some ideas for the two houses and nailed down some ideas for logo’s (Stephen and I brainstorming).  In between jobs Joe’s been helping to organize the NatGat 3. Tomorrow (now today) we’re heading downtown around 2 pm to join other organizations and rally against the TPP Fast Track. Hope you’ll be joining, which ever city you’re in because it’s a Global Day of Protest. (Janet)

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