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We are on our way Detroit to Pueblo

October 16th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Chicago | Detroit | Lincoln | Omaha | Pueblo

This is our route for the next couple days as we head West to Pueblo, Colorado from Detroit Michigan.  Stephen, Joe and I are in Kalamazoo and the journey begins as we look forward to arriving in Pueblo. There we will be working on building a kids Music & Art Center all while trying to bring sanity to a Government that has lead us astray.  Let the strategies begin!   In the meantime here’s the journey plans.  We’re trying to avoid freezing overnight temperatures in Denver/Pueblo area.  By Sunday we’re clear.  Therefore we’re going to participate in the Enbridge pre-trial event Thursday at 10 am in Battle Creek.

Tentative plans for our trip west…

Kalamazoo-Battle Creek (for the PreTrial Enbridge vs MiCats)@10am Thursday (tomorrow)
Battle Creek to Benton Harbor, Michigan (Thursday early evening)
Benton Harbor to Portage Indiana on to Whiting [near Chicago] where BP refinery is generating 2000 tons of Pet Coke per day… go to to check out more (expect to be there late evening)
Whiting, IL to Joliet, IL (only a drive through at this point)
then on to Davenport, Des Moines (Friday) Omaha and Lincoln NE on Saturday and then on to Denver on Sunday arriving in Pueblo Sunday evening roughly.
It’s very difficult to get exact times since we’re planning some actions along the way but we’ll do our best to give a heads up. Stephen is creating a “follow map” so folks can see where we are at any given time. That will be up shortly.

Map of trip

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