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We’ve been busy sorting, cleaning, organizing and making the house a home. The kids have been enjoying having us in the neighborhood. We’ll plan to have a “Meet & Greet” when I get back from WA. The beautiful sunny days have been awesome and allowing us to get much winterizing done before the really cold weather arrives. Last night we got down with some singing. Stephen found lyrics and then projected them on the wall so we could all belt out a few tunes. We definitely need some more talent and instruments. We had a violin, harmonica, drums and an organ (donated). Please think about donating any items you might have so we can add to our collection for the kids. (more…)

Omaha we finally we made it!

October 19th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Omaha - (Comments Off on Omaha we finally we made it!)

We had dinner with a few occupiers and others who shared some stories about the occupy movement ups and downs and then we visited with Eve Cheshier, Doug Paterson, Mark Welsch, Bonnie, and restaurant owner Chris. Great food, some livestream and tomorrow a drive through town to check out the 1%’rs before heading to Colorado. (more…)

We are on our way Detroit to Pueblo

October 16th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Chicago | Detroit | Lincoln | Omaha | Pueblo - (Comments Off on We are on our way Detroit to Pueblo)

This is our route for the next couple days as we head West to Pueblo, Colorado from Detroit Michigan.  Stephen, Joe and I are in Kalamazoo and the journey begins as we look forward to arriving in Pueblo. There we will be working on building a kids Music & Art Center all while trying to bring sanity to a Government that has lead us astray.  Let the strategies begin!   In the meantime here’s the journey plans.  We’re trying to avoid freezing overnight temperatures in Denver/Pueblo area.  By Sunday we’re clear.  Therefore we’re going to participate in the Enbridge pre-trial event Thursday at 10 am in Battle Creek. (more…)

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving?

October 14th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Toronto Ontario | War Resisters-FrontLine - (Comments Off on Happy Canadian Thanksgiving?)

The “V” has left Toronto. It was only 3pm so I drove for a while as the highway was moving great and then without warning a sadness filled me and tears started rolling down my cheeks, as I thought about the weekend, the conversations of war, the hurt endured, and young innocent lives ruined. Behind me, were all my newly made friends, some of whom will be leaving to go back to their Countries, but for some that luxury does not exist, as they are forced to be in Canada as war resisters/deserters.

I am sad that we live in a world where our government doesn’t think about how many young people’s lives they ruin because those kids are seeing things that 20 years olds should not be witnessing. I think about the families torn apart, and maybe because it’s Thanksgiving today, I’m thinking of all the families who are together for dinner and wonder if they think about the ones who (more…)

Group gets caught in a Time-Warp rocking out on the “V”

October 11th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Caledon | Hart House Farm - (Comments Off on Group gets caught in a Time-Warp rocking out on the “V”)

At the Caledon retreat with Front Lines Int’l enjoying some awesome scenery. With the leaves turning color along with some very calming & quiet surroundings this is truly a remarkable place. Steve (the manager) of Hart House Farms has been very accommodating to two groups totaling 55-60 roughly. Even with a group of 40 philosopher students here for Thanksgiving weekend (you know that’s going to be great conversation at some point), it’s been relatively organized. The students prepared a meal fit for a king last night while we had the “occupy staple”…spaghetti and salad, all the while trying to share space in the kitchen. Surprisingly it went well and during the day we were told, that the students were going to be playing loud music and carrying on until the wee hours. (more…)

Waterloo University & Hamilton “Homegrown” -Day 2 + 3 for FLI tour

October 10th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Waterloo - (Comments Off on Waterloo University & Hamilton “Homegrown” -Day 2 + 3 for FLI tour)

Yesterday was a busy one with two speaking engagements for “Front Lines Int’l. We started the day in Waterloo at the University hosted by a great bunch of organizers who went above and beyond in making the team feel welcome. From the donuts/cookies and coffee to the gift bags for the speakers they really shone.

The crowd had many good questions that were asked of the panel.  The stories were compelling and very moving.  One specifically was by Graham who had a few in tears as he talked about his experience and when he realized what he was doing was wrong.  The audience was completely moved and you could have heard a pin drop.  All the speakers gave their best and the event was a huge success. (more…)

Front Lines Int’l and first speaking engagement @ Trinity Church

October 9th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Toronto Ontario | Trinity St. Pauls Church - (Comments Off on Front Lines Int’l and first speaking engagement @ Trinity Church)

Sadly, when I arrived to Toronto, my RV house batteries were not staying charged so the mechanic “Sam” from Stella Automotive, whom I found via Internet, fixed some wiring that had been exposed and arcing.  He drove me in his car to buy and then replaced 3 new batteries I purchased.  He bought me lunch and breakfast the next day. But this day (next day)  I woke up to what I thought was all the batteries drained.  After talking to Sam, he drove out from Mississauga to Toronto with a crew to check on the situation.  The “V” started without trouble (not sure why) and Sam charged the side batteries which were in fact dead.   Because he thought it might be the alternator, Sam had come prepared with a few alternators ready, since he didn’t know the model needed.  This guy’s amazing.  I am suggesting that anyone in the Toronto area take their vehicle to “Stella Automotive” for the best service. 

The first speaking engagement was tonight at Trinity St. Paul’s Church on Bloor St. in Toronto.  It went well.  I had planned to livestream this event, so  I took a cab up to drop off stuff and set up, so everyone would have a chance to tune in if they want to see it in action.   (more…)

1st tour day with a little planning and Idle No More march

October 7th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Day 1-Idle No More March | Toronto Ontario | Toronto-Canada - (Comments Off on 1st tour day with a little planning and Idle No More march)

Today the Front Line International touring group organized last minute details for the 4 day tour. I interviewed Jules on the “V”, then Alexandra and Merle documented the resisters on a roof top gathering.

Afterward we walked over to Trinity Belle Park where the Idle No More group were gathering for a potluck and a few speeches. The rain held off for most but, it did finally start drizzling toward the end, however it then stopped again for the march. FYI, it has been pouring for 4 days, so to have sunshine for a little while was a real treat.

A lady and her daughter went through the crowds giving out cups of pumpkin soup and wonderful warm biscuits…so awesome! The drum circle was great, as were the speakers. I ran to get the “V” 4 blocks away at the church (no parking there) so I could follow the marchers as they made their way through downtown Toronto. (more…)

Front lines International -War Resisters Unite!

October 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Toronto Ontario | Toronto-Canada | War Resisters-FrontLine - (Comments Off on Front lines International -War Resisters Unite!)

OTR will be involved in touring with Front Lines Internationa Oct. 7th to 14th.

Veteran and Afghan peace activists are organizing a series of events in the Greater Toronto Area October 7 – 14, commemorating the 12 year anniversary of the U.S.-led NATO invasion of Afghanistan. The tour marks the launch of a new initiative called “Front Lines International”, which “connects and strengthens the front line voices of war across borders, cultures and generations.”

“The public in all of our countries—Canada, the U.S. and Britain—are constantly berated with notions of the War on Terror that are, at best, inaccurate,” says project participant Lt Cpl Joe Glenton, former British military, Afghanistan veteran, and author of the new book, Soldier Box (Verso, 2013). Glenton will be in Canada from London, England for the duration of the tour.

“As a soldier on the ground in places like Afghanistan, I have witnessed both the human cost to the Afghan people, and the toll taken on military service personnel and their families, who are lied to, exploited, and then cast aside for the sake of the war’s duration.” (more…)

Windsor to London gets occupied!

October 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Windsor - (Comments Off on Windsor to London gets occupied!)

OTR was back on the roads from Windsor to London yesterday. After arriving the “V” was parked at White Oaks mall, where I met the most interesting people. Starting out in Windsor with Steven and Nicole at the service desk. Steven fixed the lock on the RV back storage door, filled the propane then riveted a loose tire hose metal tube back on the hubcap. He did the labor for free. Leisure Trailer Sales is awesome, if you need work or propane go there.
Once leaving Windsor, I was on the road and arrived in London later afternoon, where I parked at the mall and immediately met people like Ryan, Serena and Cory (students who are very educated about issues in both Canada and the U.S.), Ed (Motivational Management-totally gets what’s going on), then Bud (originally from Lebanon) and two wonderful young teens (Arun & Luke) who helped me put the new awning cover up. (more…)