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Stern Wheel Festival in Marietta

September 7th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Worcester

We got to witness a fabulous firework display and some great music on the riverfront in Marietta this evening. With music from the Temptations, Supremes, Stylists it was a blast from the past.  Truly an amazing event with thousands of folks who came here to celebrate from all over the State.  The people told us this was the best river Stern Wheel around.   Well there certainly was no shortage of food!  And it’s still going at 11pm.

We finally got to see  some of the Stern Wheel festivities.  After a huge fiasco earlier, it was decided we could stay put in the bank parking lot. Whatever the problem was…..we’re happy to report that freedom of speech lives on! It was quite a day, as many people passed and many told us they loved the “V”. At one point a young man approached and said, “hey do you remember me?” It was Kevin (one of 2) who met us in Akron about a year ago, as we sat on a corner lot. He was thrilled to see us still going. Kevin and his girlfrend, Haylen said they would love to come help us set up our new office.  Today, there’s a lot more people who know about “occupy” we were perfectly situated to get the word out! We will not be silenced.

Morning, early afternoon,

Well, well it just happens to be the Stern Wheel Fair. So we just happen to drop in to see if we could “participate”. Judging from the last encounter, I’m guessing we’re not welcome here by some. This guy immediately OPENED our “V” door to tell us “our kind aren’t welcome here!” …..did he really just open our door? Judging from his tone and body language, this guys not happy with us being here. So he’s really not going to be happy that we got permission to park in the bank next door. As we sat here, we watched the “rent a cop” in the golf carts” go into the bank, I’m sure to try and have us removed. Since they left, I’m guessing the bank did the right thing and allowed us to stay. The Bank closes at noon, so I’m sure they don’t mind us taking up only one spot (right along the sidewalk) where everyone will be walking by us.
Thank you to the many people who like us and hopefully those  that don’t, will figure it out at some point that we’re on their side, trying to get money out of politics is not a terrorist move!  We’re not the enemy.
Stats for Marietta, Ohio 94.9% while,medium income $29,272 per household (males $30,683 females $22,085) per capita income $18,021. I’m going to bet we have support than they think, which is probably why they don’t want us to upset the applecart. We need some materials…..trying to find a print house now! I LOVE Marietta!!! so far! (JW)

Stern Wheel Festival in Marietta, Ohio

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