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Happy Anniversary OWS!

September 17th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in OWS S17 2nd Anniversary

On Sept 16th, we attended a meeting at St. Paul-St. Andrew church in Brooklyn where a few of us gathered to hear about the new Occupy Debit Card that is going to be launched. The dinner provided was great and we were able to hang around and meet more people, including Paster Michael. It was great to have gotten parking in Brooklyn close by the church.  After the meeting we decided to head back to Manhattan to Zucotti Park to see if we might score a parking spot there overnight. We drove around for over an hour, with the help of a few occupiers who had jumped on board to navigate, but there was absolutely no where to park. In fact it was a real nightmare, as any parking we did find was only good until 7am which would leave us having to occupy the streets for a couple hours before the march would start.

Finally, we decided to go back to the church (this is one that was very instrumental in feeding and clothing people during Occupy Sandy), and take them up on their offer to allow us to park in front of the church, even though it said “no parking” they thought we’d be ok. But we were so tired by 1:40 am,  I forgot to put something in the window to that affect so we ended up with a ticket for $60 given at 7:18 in the morning.  We lingered there trying to figure out what to do, drive or take the transit?   I decided we’d just drive into NY so we could take part in the march somehow.  I had a feeling the cops were going to be numerous and in their usual authoritative state, so being able to be “on the streets” was a big draw for bringing the “V” into town.  We’d also get a better view and the public got a better view of us.  After arriving we had to circle the park a few times. Then an office (one of a kazillion) waved me to go forward when I was trying to go right.  I only went about 100 ft before getting stuck behind a beer delivery truck that was double parked.  After a few minutes waiting I turned the engine off.

The police were frantically trying to find the driver, to no avail.   As I was sitting there a few of the police officers came over and started reading the posters on the side of the “V”.  Some were being really bossy and I heard one mention “a search”.  As soon as I head the word, I immediately told them (through the window) that I am considered a personal residence and they would need a search warrant, but I think they saw the “Pinsky attorney” sign stating that exact thing by the door, on the side of the “V”, and decided best to leave that one alone.  A couple other cops started reading the posters and it was really cool to see them interested even, even if pretending not to be noticed. I decided to go talk to them after telling them “yes I was the owner, yes I was the driver”, I asked the one cop still reading (who appeared quite interested) if I could stay parked there (since I hadn’t any way to move) while I got a few pictures in the park. He said “Go do what you have to do” and smiled slightly while still trying to look tough. But he allowed me to stay parked, so I thought, there really are some good ones out there. I was elated as I skipped across to Zuccotti Park, where I was able to film and take pictures of the speakers and events taking place.  A few people I knew saw me and after telling them the “V” was sitting right up the block,  they wanted to see it.

As we approached, I notice the “V” was now gone.  Within seconds,  I saw Lou driving down Cedar street (a very narrow street with food carts along it)  along side the Park. It was really fun to film the “V” driving through these crazy streets and the cops expression when they saw it.  Usually I’m driving so be a spectator was great.  As I ran up Lou motioned me to take over driving.  He said the “other” cop had told him to move when the beer truck finally moved.  It must have really ticked them off to see us ” the People’s messages” sitting on the street like a huge billboard.   I was happy, thinking how lucky we were to have gotten a visit, a tour and a chance to get noticed by a whole bunch of police….and I mean a bunch. Once again Bloomberg has turned his army on the civilians trying to get social and economic justice.  The day turned into a show of force, with police in the hundreds.  That was an obscene waste of resources.  While in WA Square I approached a group of NYPD standing near the occupiers.  I said wow…why so many police for a peaceful protest.  I didn’t know screen printing and art was a terrorist act.  I approached the man standing in a suit next to the cops with body language that said “I’m in charge” and said, wow…why so many cops?”  He said, “Good thing I didn’t order it, then laughed.  Which lead me to believe he did.   Then he responded, “we never know how many of you are going to show up!”  I said, “but it’s a peaceful and non-violent protest for social and economic rights of people.  These people are asking for a better society.  And, after visiting over 150 cities, the only time I saw violence was when it was instigated by the police.”   To which he replied, “No it’s not and I have the scars to prove it.”  and points to his stomach.  Now, in all the cities visited I had never heard of a cop beat up!  I know for a fact that had one been beaten it would have been all over the news. This cop is the reason there are problems at protests.  This guy is delusional and a bully.  What You’ll see from the pictures how many cops were out there. Who paid that bill I wonder? Oh, that’s right CHASE most likely!


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