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Parkersburg on hold while IRS play politics for 501c3 status

September 24th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in OTR - new HQ | Parkersburg - (Comments Off on Parkersburg on hold while IRS play politics for 501c3 status)
Unfortunately we didn’t get to finalize any agreement in Parkersburg since our 501c3 hasn’t been approved. The agent at the IRS has said we don’t educate enough, when all we do is educate the masses as we travel!   This person also called the Occu Cards (used to give information) evil! We are fighting back with the help of a tax advocate and a Senator from Colorado. In the meantime and since the property owner is not willing to work with us until such time as we do have it, we are all heading to Pueblo where we can begin to build our network for change. As much as we’d have like things to progress in Parkersburg the situation became about money as everything does. So when people say they WANT to help the movement, but put up many roadblocks, then make it about money (knowing we haven’t any) they basically become part of the system and therefore feed the problem.

We were not afraid to bring “Occupy” to Parkersburg even though some felt we wouldn’t be welcome there. We felt is was probably the BEST place to be, since the people there are poor and ignorant of fact, as evidenced from the many I interviewed while there. Between the Oil Company’s fracking and the C8 water problem from Dow Chemical their health is being jeopardized. But it appears not everyone has the guts to take on the system, the establishment, or face controversy, for fear of being targeted. The movement is not for the “weak at heart”. Those of us who know that things will continue to get worse, do not back down in the face of the naysayers.  (more…)