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Allentown got their house Occupied!

September 13th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Allentown - (Comments Off on Allentown got their house Occupied!)

Arrived around 9:15 pm to quite a reception.  Allentown outdid themselves tonight and we were so grateful.  We started out sitting on the “V” for a bit so everyone could take in the OTR  journey documented through all the trinkets gathered.

Then John & Davina invited us in to show us all they had done to make our visit special.  John is a caterer and he had prepared food which was place so nicely on clothed tables.  They gave us a tour of their nostalgic house with all it’s antique doors & windows and toured us through his very cool room with all it’s posters and collectibles.  This house has a ton of history, going back to being occupied by black artists brought out from NY way back in the 50’s.   John’s been living there for the past 8 years and the house became an occu-house for a while but that didn’t turn out so well for John who had to cover the bills.   The house is now being condemned for safety issues, although it appeared to be worth saving, I thought.  If the electrical and water issues could be fixed the house was beautiful and the backyard so cozy. (more…)