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The people of Detroit with Interviews around town

August 15th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Detroit

A couple days ago I went to get propane for the “V” and there I met a man who told me some amazing stories about his life along with some very interesting history. He shared pictures and memorabilia about things he’d done over the past few decades. His family has owned businesses in Detroit for over 42 years. He spoke of the struggles of the communities, the boom and bust in Detroit but how he, as a black man, had been part of powerful circles. He, then let me photograph some documents he had hanging on the wall. African Lodge was accepted in the “Free Masons Sept 1784. He had an article from Seattle Times, sitting on his desk, which mentioned the decline of middle class way back. I extended an invitation to interview him, but he’s camera shy and shared concerns that (sadly) it may lead to political tensions with his business. So we had a wonderful time, shared stories and to him I say, “thank you for sharing!”

Aug. 15th It’s been a busy day today! Met Anthony Lewis who was walking by and who was drawn by the “Info Collection Task Force” so he gave us info and great interview on his thoughts about society, racism, education and incarceration in this Country. Shortly after that interview Josh Akers just happen to be going by and who had just written a dissertation or thesis on Detroit. A very interesting young man and one I hope will let me interview him later. The people we meet….continues! We’re curious on what America thinks and what, if any, is the solution! (JW)



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