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MICATS Court Day in Mason, Michigan

August 29th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Detroit | Mason Court

Michigan Coalition Against TarSands protesters had their preliminary hearing today in Mason Court. Six of us piled on the “V” at 6:30am, where Jeremy made us all pancakes, as we rolled down the highway for our 1 1/2 hour journey, headed to Mason where we listened to the testimony. Four courageous people had locked themselves onto some very large machinery (July 22) in order to make a statement and to stop the Enbridge expansion of the pipeline. This same Corporation spilled over 1 million gallons of tarsands in the Kalamazoo river three years ago, and that’s still not cleaned up. It happened only days after the BP oil spill had been capped so you can imagine how that was kept quiet. 

Today I got to dust off my “Media badge” and secured front row seating in the Media box, shocking those that came with me, some of whom couldn’t find seating because the courtroom was rull. I thought “why sit in the audience when they had all these nice comfy chairs with a perfect camera view?” Once again I outsmart the “little authoritarian” cop at the door with my recently filled out form stating I was “OTR-Media”. Sounded good to me.

After a full day in the courtroom the motion to continue with the charges came down from the judge. Unfortunately, the felony charges will hold and the case will be going before a jury trial. All the protesters were in good spirits as we left and were going to have another MICAT action meeting in the park. I’m sure they’d do it again if they had to, because that’s how upset this group is over the atrocities perpetrated by Enbridge. Most people are not aware of the things that Enbridge has done over the years. If more knew they would be outraged, but unfortunately our media doesn’t carry these things on regular news channels. When we left we stopped at a gas station where a young man approached to look at the “V”. He knew nothing about the oil spill. Point made!!! Sadly, it takes this kind of protest and civil disobedience to bring awareness. We look forward to the day we are OFF OIL!

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