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MICATS Court Day in Mason, Michigan

August 29th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Detroit | Mason Court - (Comments Off on MICATS Court Day in Mason, Michigan)

Michigan Coalition Against TarSands protesters had their preliminary hearing today in Mason Court. Six of us piled on the “V” at 6:30am, where Jeremy made us all pancakes, as we rolled down the highway for our 1 1/2 hour journey, headed to Mason where we listened to the testimony. Four courageous people had locked themselves onto some very large machinery (July 22) in order to make a statement and to stop the Enbridge expansion of the pipeline. This same Corporation spilled over 1 million gallons of tarsands in the Kalamazoo river three years ago, and that’s still not cleaned up. It happened only days after the BP oil spill had been capped so you can imagine how that was kept quiet.  (more…)

Kalamazoo Day Days 3 to 5

August 25th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Kalamazoo | National Gathering #2 - (Comments Off on Kalamazoo Day Days 3 to 5)
Day 5-Closing
It was a very emotional day as we said our goodbyes to all our friends, who came from across the Country to share at the 2nd National Gathering in Kalamazoo. Many of us found this week (Kalamazoo Peace Center & Bronson Park) absolute quality, as far as education sessions, history providing and sharing. The Wesley Foundation/Peace Center did a fantastic job hosting the many people there. Having the many breakout rooms (a kitchen and presentation rooms)all in one space was so convenient. Turtle Soup Kitchen (Rick & Sarah) was awesome with providing food for the masses and hauling water, etc. (more…)

Day 2 as Kalamazoo is “Occupied” from all over the U.S.

August 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Kalamazoo | National Gathering #2 - (Comments Off on Day 2 as Kalamazoo is “Occupied” from all over the U.S.)

NatGat2 day 2

Today we are “occupying” the Kalamazoo PeaceCenter also known as the “Wesley Foundation” for meetings and sessions. Starting out with breakfast served downstairs.Presentations 10 a.m. Deep Democracy Training, Dr. Riki Ott (upstairs) and another on Direct Action Strategies (downstairs)We invite everyone to join us. It took a bit of navigating to find the place but’s it’d directly across from the Gordon & Elizabeth Sindecruse Health Center. (more…)

NatGat2 Kalamazoo

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Aug 21st

NatGat2 1st day + Parade.

Many cities and States are represented here today and while the crowd isn’t humongous, we do have some great minds and are planning strategic events and organizing which makes me happy. It would be nice to leave here with a future game plan. It was a great day and more people showing up all the time. Heard from Arkansas and they’re sending a representative. Some people could only make it for the weekend. Captain Ray Lewis arrived today and marched with the crowds through the streets.

Janet was interviewed by al Jazeera this morning for a spot on the 5pm news.  Thank you Tim, Bisi and Tom for taking the time to drive out to Kalamazoo (from Detroit) to cover this event. (more…)

Heidelberg Project in Detroit-Eye Candy

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Today I met the guy who started the “Heidelberg Project”. I went to the office first where I met Amanda who gave me some information and allowed me to take a couple pictures of the front office. Yes, it’s a full time business now with 3 full-time staff.  She then suggested that I walk around the project as opposed to driving through because there’s so much to see.  I parked the “V” on the main road and walked until I met up with a wonderful older lady who told me she was a teachers assistant and knew the artist. As we were talking she pointed to a truck a driving in a said, “that’s the guy who made all this”. (more…)

People’s Forum by Detroiters Resisting Emergency Manager

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It was a very passionate day as the People’s Forum kicked into gear to end Emergency Management. It took place on Saturday, at the Samaritan Center in Detroit.  A full house was educated as the speakers informed the public on what it meant to be in “EM”. Their messages sometimes bringing the audience to tears with emotional and moving speeches. Hanging on by a thread and fighting back against bankruptcy, is not where they want to be. They had a thriving metropolis, but now the city is filled with empty decaying buildings, everything and anything that can be, is under threat of privatization and the money and corruption have a death grip on (more…)

The people of Detroit with Interviews around town

August 15th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Detroit - (Comments Off on The people of Detroit with Interviews around town)

A couple days ago I went to get propane for the “V” and there I met a man who told me some amazing stories about his life along with some very interesting history. He shared pictures and memorabilia about things he’d done over the past few decades. His family has owned businesses in Detroit for over 42 years. He spoke of the struggles of the communities, the boom and bust in Detroit but how he, as a black man, had been part of powerful circles. He, then let me photograph some documents he had hanging on the wall. African Lodge was accepted in the “Free Masons Sept 1784. He had an article from Seattle Times, sitting on his desk, which mentioned the decline of middle class way back. I extended an invitation to interview him, but he’s camera shy and shared concerns that (sadly) it may lead to political tensions with his business. So we had a wonderful time, shared stories and to him I say, “thank you for sharing!” (more…)