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Will the “Pet Coke” hazard waste remain in Detroit?

July 31st, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Detroit | Petco & EMT

A few us gathered at a very important meeting in Detroit today.  It was the “Land Use Hearing” for Detroit Bulk Storage, a company who decided to allow Pet coke (nasty-hazardous by-product of Petroleum)” to be stored on their land along the waterfront (Detroit River) without a permit. This case is being closely followed by those who live in the area and all the activists who are paying attention. This black dust, greasy film is landing peoples cars, homes, furniture and then travels across the Detroit river (going into the fresh waterways) to Windsor residents who have also been complaining about this soot that lands in their apartments & homes on the riverfront.  

Today we learned this storage company has never gotten a permit and continues to operate even though the city has cited them. The “official” that was representing the company was pitiful. The contradictions the gross exaggerations (lies some say) were very apparent. This is another a gross affliction on the working people, so a company can make profit. It was VERY apparent the people were in control of this conversation as they shared their horrors. We congratulate the city officials who did an outstanding job with their line of questioning. We just hope the people prevail and in the end it’s shut down for good. Let the people breathe!

Controversial stockpiling of Pet Coke by WXYZ

Dark cloud, swirling around massive Pet Coke hazard by ABC news

Who’s behind this nasty toxic stuff in Detroit?  Moroun you say?

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