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A community came together last night!

July 14th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Education | Pueblo | Pueblo House | Stone House
After reading this I sat weeping with both sadness & joy in my heart.  Sad because of the recent Trayvon Martin ruling by the Florida Courts and Joy knowing it’s people like Aaron and Stephanie among others, who will make this small community thrive.   Aaron, you have no idea how much I enjoyed reading your words, which were eloquent and inspiring.  I am honored to have you guys as part of the dream school in Pueblo. Thank you Alais Clay & Wandering Monks for all you have done, all you did last night and all you’ll continue to do so we can help save a few children on the Eastside of Pueblo. I love you guys. …Janet
This was written by Alais Clay:
 “It was a beautiful night =) Not the turn out I had expected but we got some seeds, soil, stuffed animals, paint, a bunch of wood, $450, a violin >.< !, and one awesome guy offered to come volunteer and teach drum classes. Several people said they’d keep the “dream school” in mind and have gardening supplies and soil and stuff they would like to donate in the future. I am utterly exhausted and don’t know why I’m on here.. but sending Love from Boulder and know that a seed has been planted here! The prayer circle was very powerful =) Now on with the Revolution!”
And Aaron of Wandering Monks wrote this, the day after the Boulder event……..
Last night, I wasn’t rioting, in fact I never even saw a second of television. I wouldn’t even know the sad scenario and outcome of the Trevon verdict if I wasn’t connected through Facebook. And although it’s related, this post isn’t really about all that. You see last night I was sitting in a circle of amazing people who make up my community, some I knew very well, and some were new acquaintances. As we sat together, we prayed, and we each personally exchanged our vision of intent for ourselves, and our wishes for our community and the planet at large. To say I was touched and inspired is an understatement. But my Sister and comrade Lightwarrior Steph aka Alais Clay, inspired me the most. She talked about how she had previously been using her voice and subsequent energy for screaming at the powers that be that she opposed, and condemning the people who she vilified in this world. Then she said how that wasn’t what she wanted to focus her intention on anymore. Within the circle we spoke in depth about intention that night. Stephanie went on to say that where she did want to focus her energy, and more importantly her actions, was towards things she could actually build, things we could create together as human beings with common interests, and nurture the ability to co-create together. You see, the whole reason we were all gathering, was in an effort to raise money and supplies for a Community school and art center that we have been involved in developing on the East Side of Pueblo Colorado, a neighborhood devastated by the effects of American selective Capitalism, and systematic Usury. On many days, we write and perform music and create art, in the hopes of educating, enticing and entertaining various communities with the goal of making certain conversations, and collective activities more appealing and enjoyable, as if helping your fellow humans, and building up the spirits and well-being of your fellow comrades isn’t some of the most spiritually fulfilling and uplifting engagements one could involve themselves with. And to be honest, the turn out wasn’t all that impressive, but the quality of those who did show their love and support was simply incredible. Like most the musical sets I play, I poured my heart and soul into the music for those wonderful people, we ate healthy vegetarian/vegan food prepared with love, children danced and inspired us all, and adults conversed and communed with little to no ego. It was a beautiful night, at least in our little collective bubble. I got home at about 1:45 am, put my exhausted sleeping daughter into her bed, and checked into Facebook as I planned on winding down for the night. Within 10 minutes of reading the various opinionated drama that filled the news feed of this interesting internet medium, I went from feeling grounded, empowered and connected to humanity, and our potential, to feeling discouraged, drained and once again frustrated with the state of society. I read the many various comments that mostly related to the outcome of the Trevon/Zimmerman trial, because I too felt impacted and empathetic to the emotional charge that this sad historical, yet typical tragedy, potentially implies for this ongoing semi-dysfunctional American society. Immediately I was drawn into the various conversations being had, the diverse emotional response to peoples many individual internalization’s of this now turned media event. But I really had nothing clever to say, more importantly, I had nothing to contribute that would actually make much of a bit of difference in the actual world. Yeah, sure maybe I’d interject a few minutes of intrigue and entertainment for a small percentage of “friends” who potentially relate to my personal diatribe, but what quip could I add that wasn’t already being spouted out by any number of people out there putting their two cents into the collective conversation. And the truth was, there wasn’t anything anyone else was ranting off that was significantly affecting the way I would go about my day today, tomorrow, or the next day, in fact, much of what I was reading was honestly offensive, and making me simultaneously sad and angry. And then I returned thought back to my incredible evening, and what Steph had said, “I’m going to focus on the things I CAN create, the things I CAN build, and the people I love that I CAN actually affect in a positive way in this world”. I know I rarely change someone’s life when I’m on facebook, although there are many positive attributes that I truly do enjoy about his goofy creation. I also know I rarely change someone’s opinion about their deeply engrained views concerning the world, and the rest of us inhabiting it by my posts on FB. And God knows half of these peoples updates, opinions and/or rants rarely do much more than stimulate me for a few minutes of time, or make me take mental and emotional opposition, or find offense, to my limited perspective of their current intellectual state. But when we were in Pueblo the other month, with the intention of helping out that community, and developing a school, and a community art center, and brainstorming on how to inspire and teach the youth down there to understand and start practicing more art, and organic gardening, we actually did make a change, a change I could see with my own eyes, and feel with my beating heart. We inspired and old man who knew very little about hip hop, or who we were personally, to give us tangible access to a property with a house that we could use for our future goals, and we helped the momentum to what has become the development of that house, to now where we have two properties in the making for this wonderful endeavor. And last night in Boulder, as we played music, and celebrated, people smiled at one another, people danced together, and I felt good, and I’m pretty sure they did too. I know there’s a ton of shit in this world that I can focus on and feel equally shitty about, but what’s the point, especially if my empathetic pain does nothing to change the paradigm for the future. And so I thank, and stand with my Sister Lightwarrior Steph, as I try to shift my focus from the stock pile of negativity, and set my intention back towards the people who I can touch, and see face to face, those who inhabit my greater and more immediate community. And even if my circle stays relatively small, I will invest in those who support this common vision. While the masses my be in their homes, staring at a digital screen of one sort or another, I will try to stare into the eyes of living breathing human beings. I’ll worry less where all those people who didn’t come out are, and why they didn’t show up to co-create and contribute with us, and I’ll do more to reach out to those who offer up a vision that I personally DO find inspiration with here on my days walking this planet. And I’ll do more to find ways of impacting the many people I live with, in a way that’s more successful than not. Because Although I’ll still find occasional entertainment and even education from facebook and such, I know it doesn’t compare to the fulfillment I can find being in action with my community, friends and family in the living breathing 3rd dimensional world that’s outside my front door. I’m so thankful for last night, and for all those people who came to share our vision, and for those who contributed energetically, and even financially to the cause. I love you all, and I’m more focused than ever on way that I CAN make a difference in this amazing world. My Garden, My Family, My Music, My Friends, and All My Relations. Give thanks .. and make the world, or at least your day, the best place it can be! Peace.

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