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Now in B.C. Canada on hiatus and updates

June 9th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps | Parkersburg | Pueblo | Vancouver, BC -Canada

Janet is spending time with her husband, kids & grandkids.  While helping out the grandkids transition to daycare she’ll be reorganizing, planning and  strategizing the next steps for OTR.

Pueblo House is 75% done and just waiting on some skilled people to finish drywalling and put hardwood floors down.  June 12th will mark the One Year Anniversary since being donated.  Most all plumbing, electrical and upstairs are finished.  Fixtures need to be placed once the walls are complete.  The house will be used for meetings, education and helping the local community find resources to the many issues facing the Eastside (teen pregnancy, drugs, etc.).

Our music and art house, which was just donated is sitting while we apply for historical status and grants.   This is going to be another huge project.  In the end we hope to have kids learning musical instruments through volunteers and mentors.  Our art program will be used to keep the locals engaged and hopefully out of trouble.   In the meantime, we are putting in gardens and thanks to Paul (an amazing worker) we have much done already.   The gardens will also be used for teaching and a couple chefs will be giving cooking classes once complete.

Parkersburg is still on hold until we get our 501c3 status from the IRS when the building can be donated as agreed upon.  It’s been way too long and very much holding up all of our grant applications and our project plans with the City of Parkersburg who are seeking a permanent farmers market site.  We’re hoping things will finally come together so we can move on accordingly.  The plan is for a City market on the main floor encouraging businesses to use the fully equipped kitchen to bring much needed, bread, cheese and veggies to the center of the city where there’s little to none right now.  Offices will be occupying the second floor and strategies will take place as this will be our new H.Q.   The roof will house a full roof top garden which will be used for market and help fund the costs of utilities.

The RV is sitting “idle some more’ in the backyard at Pueblo House until funds and plans to move it across the Country again.  It’s the best way to educate the masses and we’ll continue to use it as a support vehicle for major events when we can.

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