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Gardens, a clean shed and all things ducky!

May 28th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Lil Stone House | Pueblo
For the past couple days we’ve been working really hard on the “Li’l Stone House” that was just donated.  This will be a beautiful Music & Art place where local artists can display their talent.  The yard is a huge canvas right now begging for some art and creativity.  It’s been raked (both lots) with all planter boxes prepared with topsoil and manure mix.   Today, some vegetables have been planted in aboout 1/3 of the boses.  Our ducks are secure in a very cool pen with their own little water pond to splash around.   Paul the mastermind behind the “La Familia” garden next door has worked wonders on our gardens and now has herbs and veggies planted in about 1/3 of the raised boxes.   We’re busy mixing manure and top soil (all donated/free) to make great growing.   We plan to put potatoes in tires next and then design the rest of the yard.
We’re hoping this music and art center will be created by all the local talent (artists) in the area. If you’re an artist (adobe, paint, sculptures, etc.) please get in touch with us to coordinate production & design. We have in mind a stage area, outbuilding for artists, pond area, bushes & flowering low water plants and roses along the fence. There’s an old boat we were thinking could be sunk in the yard and made into a pond. Unless someone has some other ideas for it. If any of these items are your specialty give us a shout.

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