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A future Music & Art House…. The “Lil Stone House” was donated today!

May 17th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House

Glen and I have been quite busy securing a building so we can bring music and art to the East Side of Pueblo.  There’s a tired, old house two doors to the east that’s been boarded up way too long.  Today the owner Matt, donated the house for the price of outstanding liens to the City of Pueblo.   We plan to take the boards off, fix it up and make a happy place that kids and adults can go to make music and art.  We feel there’s much too little of the “feel good” stuff in life.   When budgets are being crunched, those are the first things to go.  We want to bring back the things that make life’s stressed a little less stressful.  If we can teach kids how to play guitar, piano, trumpet or any instrument we can get donated (because we don’t have any right now) it’s going to make the East Side a little brighter.  Kids love art and there’s quite a bit of land where kids can paint and create.  We’ll be able to show local art and bring music to those that might not otherwise have the chance.  So today, we added a new property for the future of Occupy the Roads in addition to our little Red House (called Pueblo House). 

The other thing we’re working on is getting historical designation.  Little Red is over 120 years old and the Little Stone House is about 110 years old.  We think the work needs to be done professionally on the outside especially when there’s brick and other materials that are delicate, beautiful and worth saving.  We’re going to need help to get us to the finish line.  Most of 816 E. 5th is done inside with only a bit of drywall and floors to be put down.  It’s going to be a nice addition to the neighborhood and both houses will be giving back to the community at large.  All help is greatly appreciated as are donations of any kind.

Big thank you to Glen Burke for making all of this happen.  He is truly out Angel and someone who sees the vision and that another world is possible!

On May 30th I’m off to Seattle for much needed time with my husband, and then Vancouver, BC to spend time with my kids & grandkids. While it would be nice to have had Pueblo House ready before I leave, I know that it most likely won’t be, and that’s ok. When it’s volunteer time we are on their schedule. We’ve come a long way since the day we arrived to a house with no wiring or plumbing & lots of weeds. As I scroll through all the pictures I realize how far we’ve come since the end of July. On June 12th it will be 1 year since the house was donated. Many volunteers have helped get the house where it is today and we thank you for all your hard work, financial support & donations of merchandise + time. One day we’ll be holding meetings, solving problems and making changes, if only in the community for now. It definitely takes a village! Here’s a list of all the people who made this possible. I hope I got everyone! (Janet Wilson)

Robert Casias (bringing us to the neighborhood & responsible for us finding the property in March 2012)
Mark Carlos (donated the property on June 12, 2012)
Movement Resource Group of NY ($5000 grant Sept. 2012)
Cornerstone Roofing (donated $1000 toward new roof Sept. 2012)
Pueblo Electrics ($1200 toward electricity hook ups August 2012)
Glen Burke (donations & water heater & little Red Truck & advise) Director of OTR
Dr. Anne Courtright (donations, accommodations, tools & yard sale, food and fiesta parade help) -Advisor
Dr Pam & Dr Gary Parks (furnace, swamp cooler & food & yard sale)
Cheryl Moore (labor, outreach, yard sale, bookkeeping and meals) – Support
Anne & Jerry Beers (donations, yard sale, food, labor & shelter for Tino through winter)
Dr. Charles & Georgina Bloom (lent us his wood chipper)
Don & Louis Pfost –(labor/oversight, supplies, photography, website, donations + wood work)
Tino Fuentes (social media, clean up, labor, framing, sanding railing & bricks, tree removal)
David Luis Cortez (came from New Mexico –labor & clean up)
Brandi Williams (Ft. Collins –goods & labor & help writing + responsible for the grant from MRG)
Rachel Donohue-Dupler (goods & labor)
David Bell (donated water cooler & labor-framing and bringing troops to help from Ft. Collins)
PCC & Ken Shore – (wired all electricity throughout the house with Interns)
Eva Montoya- City Council member-tickets & food Support Striking Palermo’s Workers
Denis – Done Right Repairs –(for furnace work)
Poor Man’s Plumbing -Anthony-partial) finished by Jeremy-Affordable Service Plumbing
Local 12 Electricians Union & Albert Herrera (donated time, supplies, labor)
Arno Electric (furnace work, advice and some electric)
Mike & Rose (next door neighbors for electricity, cutting trees and lending stuff)
Joshua Williams (labor) & Skiv (labor & help with Fiesta Parade)
Norma Oldman-lawn mower & other donations
Richard (clean up labor & shelving)
Fred Patterson- (trailer to haul drywall-framed laundry room and lots of advice)
Bill Steffan (labor, drywall and framing)
Cory Heimark (labor, partial framing shower, front porch posts, deck and more….. and dog sitting)
Denise Valdez (labor & social media) & Joseph deLeon (labor) & Debra Flores (paperwork)
Jack Sample (labor-walls, front posts install & decking & painting) & Aria Chatman (labor)
Monica Teinert (grant writing-support)
Leslie Cates (donated a refrigerator)
Anne Courtright’s neighbor (queen bed and sewing machine)
Wilbur & daughter Kaila – SW Post Design – (front posts & artwork)
Ed Sandavol- (labor, window installs & house sitting)
Tom Monroe –painting/labor and use of 501c3 as fiscal sponsor (through Park-A-Kid)
James & Darla Monroe Mega painting
Tim (power washed the exterior-prime painting)
The kids next door-Micaehla, Dominique & Carl (painting/art and help around the yard)
Ronnie Knappe (labor-framing & his son-in-law for some computer time)
Graham and Zach from Denver (labor- framing, sanding)
Rob Donovan (article in Pulp Magazine & labor + window install)
Loretta Sword (Chieftan articles)
Channel 5 news (TV time)
Regional Building Services of Pueblo (permitting)
City Planning – Berrit & Wade (for reports and guidance).

Alais Clay & Wandering Monks for their time and beautiful music -(concert performance donated)

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