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Alais Clay & Wondering Monks will be in the house!

April 1st, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Education | Pueblo | Pueblo House

We have Alais Clay and Wondering Monks willing to do a concert here in Pueblo for Cinco de Mayo to raise funds for the “Pueblo House”. We’ll be hosting them in our little house if it’s ready. We’re planning an event in the park (either Erie or Sticker) after the street parade from Safeway and down 8th St. on the east side. We’d love to have two shows, a concert on Friday night and then again on Saturday.  The message of “occupy for social & economic justice” is the theme?   Both musicians bring political messages through their music and both are very good. We could use some help organizing this event too so please offer if you can.  OTR, Pueblo House, Occupy Pueblo, and “Idle No More” will be taking part in the event. We NEED this to help educate the masses about our world today and doing it with music in the park just seems perfect.

Speaking of education…Saturday Rob Donovan (history teacher and writer for the Pulp Paper) came by and gave a great interview. Then Jack & Donna Sample came by (counselor/teacher) and they are also willing to work here at the house as we start our new education in Pueblo. How fortunate we are to have such great people who want to get involved and who can see “what can be” if we work together. Those few high school students from Denver, whom I met recently, now have the bug and are aiming to hit the roads asap for “Occupy Young Minds” (coming soon). Once they secure a bus/RV they’ll be touring the Countryside, educating students and getting their voices heard as they stand together for progress in education. We are the Change! a call from a young lady (Aria Chatman) who we met in Shreveport, LA, back in 2011 and she’s offering to bring her skills to our lil red house. After talking to her it appears Shreveport needs some good things there too. After we set our model up here, perhaps we can roll it out to other cities eventually. Every town with boarded up homes is an invitation for change!

Spent Easter dinner with Anne C. and Glen Burke, two of my favorite people! We all have the same vision and seeing it come together is just too cool. It’s unbelievable how things fall in place when it’s meant to be. IMG_9390


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