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Occupying the East Side

April 7th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Education | Pueblo

Back from Denver and kick’n back with Kayla who’s conked out beside me.  We had great weather and networked with lots of cool people at the “National Media Reform Conference”.

Now, I’m back in Pueblo where we’re working on a concert with artists who are performing for us for free on May 3rd.  Then a few of us are going to take Cory up on the challenge of making some tree hugging hippies (heading to Goodwill for some serious bellbottoms & flowered shirts) to put on trees down the street.  Then, we’re going to make signs…one to hang on the fence of the empty lot (2 lots over) to say “Future home of new doggie park”.  Then, another to hang on the fence of the beautiful old stone house (2 lots the other way) to say “Future home of Art & Music”.  Then we’re going to check out a building a couple blocks over, for our new school thanks to a very generous couple.  Ah, the joys of being in a depressed area….you get to do fun stuff and no one complains!  Next…Polka dots on the street?  Art in the park?  MayDay Parade through town?  All of the above…check!

Next project our NEW school where we will unschool the kids!  We believe kids should be able to move around, experiment, work with their hands, think critically, be interactive and enjoy music and art.  We don’t believe that’s happening now.  We have an opportunity to show what we can do with little money, but lots of vision and desire to be the change we want to see.  So we’re going to bring teachers in to work with kids in the area and give them the best schooling possible.  Thanks to a wonderful opportunity we have the ability to bring this dream to fruition.   Please stand by as we Occupy a school!

Potential NEW school

Potential NEW school


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