Economic & Social Justice

Yesterday Jack helped with filling cracked walls and Cory put up framework in the kitchen.   We’re getting ready to finalize this room and get our utilities signed off.   Pueblo Electrics are working on a quote to finish the electric.

Today was a busy one. Jack Sample (SW Pride Inc.)is going to take Aria under his mentorship so she can learn the ins and outs of providing education and counseling to young teens in the area. Pueblo has a very high rate of teen pregnancy and we want to be part of the solution.

Then we had Affordable Services (Plumbing) out this morning to run the test and they’re back on Thursday to do some final things before getting the sign off.   Around noon we got some great news about a project we’ve been interested in for some time.  Things might be starting to come together and that means… we may have a “Music and Art House, along with a “New School”, in addition to Pueblo House. (more…)