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Alais Clay & Wandering Monks, here for “Cinco de Mayo”

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Join us friday night May 3rd (7:00 pm) at PCC @  outdoor amphitheater for live entertainment by Alais Clay (from Boulder) brought to you by Occupy the Roads, Pueblo House.
The event is to create awareness on the importance of keeping the Arts & Music programs alive.  If you miss us at Pueblo Community College you can join us on May 4th at the corner of 5th & Hudson.  We hope everyone will join us as we honor those who have helped by volunteering or providing services or goods and to celebrate our grand opening for “Pueblo House”.   (more…)

Meeting with Senators Aguilar & Giron

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Went to the Health Care Colorado meeting this morning and met Senator Irene Aguilar and Senator Angela Giron. Glen Burke & Dr. Anne Courtright attended as did many others. Senator Aguilar gave a very profound presentation on a co-operative healthcare plan that would encourage preventative as opposed to treating illness when it’s too late, because people put off going to the Dr. because of costs. It was a great presentation and I’ve asked the Senator to visit Pueblo House so we can give this same presentation to the East Side Community. (more…)

Face lift for li’l red- Pueblo House

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Whoa…a tense day watching Pueblo House get new front posts. Wilbur (SW Post) showed up early with two freshly made posts that he’s donated to us. He had some time and asked if we wanted them put in and the rest is history. I called around to try and get some help for Cory, who I think was hyperventilating at this point, thinking about the enormous task ahead. Jack (setting is own work aside) came to our rescue all the way from CO Springs. For a while it was just the four of us and I guarantee that I was not much help but rather having anxiety attacks of my own by now, envisioning our porch on the sidewalk. Taking the posts out was a daunting task, but Wilbur, Cory & Jack came through doing an amazing job! Mike next door lent us his hydraulic lift and I managed to get another from a very nice man at a gas station on the corner of Grand & 4th. Without knowing who I was, and having me approach him at random looking desperate, a perfect stranger lent me (yes, just (more…)

Had a knock on the “V” around 9:30 and opened the door to two officers asking about “activity” going on in the alley.  I told them the only activity I see is me taking Kayla for a doggie walk before bed.  It’s been relatively quiet, or I’m a very heavy sleeper.  Lots of questions were asked and normally I wouldn’t feel a need to answer them, but I liked these two guys and I want to think they get what we’re doing.  They mentioned having a meeting with Luis Velez (Chief of Police) about doing some work together, especially with the kids. The more we support one another the better off we’ll be.  We should try to figure out what the needs of the community are, or what needs to be done and work on it together.  There’s no doubt we’re in an area that needs something.  But we think it’s something different, something around music, art and things that make everyone feel they’re a part of the community.  We also think it should be engaging and inclusive of the (more…)

Yesterday Jack helped with filling cracked walls and Cory put up framework in the kitchen.   We’re getting ready to finalize this room and get our utilities signed off.   Pueblo Electrics are working on a quote to finish the electric.

Today was a busy one. Jack Sample (SW Pride Inc.)is going to take Aria under his mentorship so she can learn the ins and outs of providing education and counseling to young teens in the area. Pueblo has a very high rate of teen pregnancy and we want to be part of the solution.

Then we had Affordable Services (Plumbing) out this morning to run the test and they’re back on Thursday to do some final things before getting the sign off.   Around noon we got some great news about a project we’ve been interested in for some time.  Things might be starting to come together and that means… we may have a “Music and Art House, along with a “New School”, in addition to Pueblo House. (more…)

Occupying the East Side

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Back from Denver and kick’n back with Kayla who’s conked out beside me.  We had great weather and networked with lots of cool people at the “National Media Reform Conference”.

Now, I’m back in Pueblo where we’re working on a concert with artists who are performing for us for free on May 3rd.  Then a few of us are going to take Cory up on the challenge of making some tree hugging hippies (heading to Goodwill for some serious bellbottoms & flowered shirts) to put on trees down the street.  Then, we’re going to make signs…one to hang on the fence of the empty lot (2 lots over) to say “Future home of new doggie park”.  Then, another to hang on the fence of the beautiful old stone house (2 lots the other way) to say “Future home of Art & Music”.  Then we’re going to check out a building a couple blocks over, for our new school thanks to a very generous couple.  Ah, the joys of being in a depressed area….you get to do fun stuff and no one complains!  Next…Polka dots on the street?  Art in the park?  MayDay Parade through town?  All of the above…check! (more…)

Our first day in Denver for the National Conference for Media Reform today.  Janet Altman and I got here around 3 pm.  It wasn’t looking good for parking in the heart of downtown for a 31ft RV.  But after a very decent conversation with Michael Eber (who’s employee I found renovating a beautiful old school) and explaining what we’re doing, we got a prime spot at 12th & Bannock for all 3 days.  And we’re parked just over 1/2 mile to the Sheridan.  Doesn’t get any better than that!  So we registered, then met Sarah from who informed us that Rupert Murdock was trying to buy The L.A. Times and Chicago Tribune.  What a joke.  No one really knew about this and I’m sure it’s being kept under wraps on purpose.  My comment was…”Didn’t he get charged in the U.K. with phone tapping?” Yep!   (more…)

Alais Clay & Wondering Monks will be in the house!

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We have Alais Clay and Wondering Monks willing to do a concert here in Pueblo for Cinco de Mayo to raise funds for the “Pueblo House”. We’ll be hosting them in our little house if it’s ready. We’re planning an event in the park (either Erie or Sticker) after the street parade from Safeway and down 8th St. on the east side. We’d love to have two shows, a concert on Friday night and then again on Saturday.  The message of “occupy for social & economic justice” is the theme?   Both musicians bring political messages through their music and both are very good. We could use some help organizing this event too so please offer if you can.  OTR, Pueblo House, Occupy Pueblo, and “Idle No More” will be taking part in the event. We NEED this to help educate the masses about our world today and doing it with music in the park just seems perfect. (more…)