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Heading North to Detroit

March 12th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Marietta

We had a very busy few days and now heading out tomorrow morning.  It was almost a week since we arrived through a crazy snow storm so we could assess the opportunities here with Larry.   There were tons of meetings where we met people who were/are eager to help.

From here Debra will be travelling back to Houston, Suzanne to Erie (via Doddridge March Break) and me through Canton, Akron, Toledo and eventually landing in Detroit. If anyone is around for coffee I will gladly make a short pit stop to break up the trip along the way.
We’re saying goodbye to our home for the passed few days.

Thank you to Lafayatte Hotel who gave us a ‘better than fantastic’ rate and wonderful meals for free. Huge thanks to Debra Flores who was instrumental in making this trip happen by driving me (white knuckled through snow) when flights were cancelled and then having a crash “occupy” course (along with the police harassment).  She is a great worker, fabulous organizer and definitely “gitter dun girl”.  And thanks also to Suzanne Boone for her support, insight and help while here.

We’re so thankful that our good friends Lou Wolf and Jeff Long were able to drive in from D.C. as well.  We love all of you!  Never forget, we are the change we want to see and if it’s meant to be it will happen and we’ll be ready!


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