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Parkersburg H.Q. well on its way!

March 8th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Parkersburg - (Comments Off on Parkersburg H.Q. well on its way!)

The Parkersburg project, it is going very well. Larry (building owner) has been absolutely wonderful and has the same vision. He’s been active long before Occupy started and is very involved.

The evening of the day we arrived (Wed.) Debra had already sent an email out to all and by 3pm the next day pulled together a very important meeting where we sat with The Development Director, Chief Building Inspector, Zoning & Code Enforcement, City Engineer, Office of Development,  Capt. of the Fire Dept, and the Mayor himself.  Apparently the city is VERYinterested in utilizing this building for a downtown Farmers Market (because the trial one they had under a tent had proven quite successful).  They want a permanent site where farmers could have use of the walk in cooler downstairs.  Together we discussed various options….  trying to figure out how the funding would work, what days the markets would run and how much space would be needed.   We talked about utilizing the huge kitchen and allotting hours so bread could be made and sold and then have vendors selling cheese, etc.  Right now there is no place to buy fresh anything downtown.  We also talked about other goods like jars and cans of organic foods.   We would provide the space and let the vendors utilize the equipment for a small price.  There is a huge working force downtown too as many are State and City employees. (more…)