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Student Interviews & Meeting Crystal Zevon

March 27th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Denver | Education Interviews - (Comments Off on Student Interviews & Meeting Crystal Zevon)

Spent a couple days in Denver to participate in active discussion with our new young friends Alex, Kim and Roshan who openly discussed (on camera) our failing education system, too much time being spent on “memory” tests, lack of funding, cuts being made to critical & important programs and just too much emphasis being placed SAT’s instead of providing what’s best for the children. It was an eye opener to hear how we’ve failed a whole generation and then, put them so far in debt some may never be out. The good news is that we are going to implement our own education curriculum right here in Pueblo on the east side. With their help and the help of a few teachers (fed up and ready to be the change) we will start planning, organizing and being the change we want to see!

After a very passionate meeting we met up with Occupy Denver where their GA was being held, lucky for us it falls on Tuesday evenings at the Denver Art Society. There, we engaged in numerous conversations and were fortunate to meet with a couple Occupy CO Springs people. The meeting was great and it was so nice to see familiar faces not seen since Sept. last year. (more…)

Why our education & schools gets a failing grade!

March 23rd, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Denver | Education | Education Interviews | Pueblo - (Comments Off on Why our education & schools gets a failing grade!)

We attended a meeting last night @ CSU with “Losing Ground” by Rocky Mountain PBS, who talked about the increasing drop out rate, the increased teen pregnancy and what’s happening with cutbacks in education. There are teachers around the Country, who like me, believe in better schools, less testing and programs that enhance (or at least work with) a child’s natural ability. Instead of making everyone the same, we should be embracing skills on every level. There are teachers who are very interested in helping with the process of building better schools and programs. I think we should ‘occupy’ a school and show exactly how it should and could be done. Just so happens there is a school here, not far from our Pueblo House that would be perfect. You can bet I’ll be checking into this! Let’s “occupy a school!”

In the meantime we’ll be visiting Denver and talking to some high school students, who know full well what the issues are surrounding our education system today. By documenting the conversations of our young people we can shed light on the inequities, challenges, financial restraints and road blocks. The ever widening gap between whites, blacks and latino’s is causing concern about whether the status quo can be sustained and if so at what cost? Young people are dropping out of school and that’s sad. We feel the standardized testing, which only proves good memory is part of the problem. We need change and we need it now. So we intend to be quite involved in conversations and actions around education.

Heading North to Detroit

March 12th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Marietta - (Comments Off on Heading North to Detroit)

We had a very busy few days and now heading out tomorrow morning.  It was almost a week since we arrived through a crazy snow storm so we could assess the opportunities here with Larry.   There were tons of meetings where we met people who were/are eager to help.

From here Debra will be travelling back to Houston, Suzanne to Erie (via Doddridge March Break) and me through Canton, Akron, Toledo and eventually landing in Detroit. If anyone is around for coffee I will gladly make a short pit stop to break up the trip along the way.
We’re saying goodbye to our home for the passed few days. (more…)

Parkersburg H.Q. well on its way!

March 8th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Parkersburg - (Comments Off on Parkersburg H.Q. well on its way!)

The Parkersburg project, it is going very well. Larry (building owner) has been absolutely wonderful and has the same vision. He’s been active long before Occupy started and is very involved.

The evening of the day we arrived (Wed.) Debra had already sent an email out to all and by 3pm the next day pulled together a very important meeting where we sat with The Development Director, Chief Building Inspector, Zoning & Code Enforcement, City Engineer, Office of Development,  Capt. of the Fire Dept, and the Mayor himself.  Apparently the city is VERYinterested in utilizing this building for a downtown Farmers Market (because the trial one they had under a tent had proven quite successful).  They want a permanent site where farmers could have use of the walk in cooler downstairs.  Together we discussed various options….  trying to figure out how the funding would work, what days the markets would run and how much space would be needed.   We talked about utilizing the huge kitchen and allotting hours so bread could be made and sold and then have vendors selling cheese, etc.  Right now there is no place to buy fresh anything downtown.  We also talked about other goods like jars and cans of organic foods.   We would provide the space and let the vendors utilize the equipment for a small price.  There is a huge working force downtown too as many are State and City employees. (more…)