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February 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House

We’re announcing that Tino Fuentes is heading back to New York to take care of business there. He has been involved with OTR for a year (on and off the road).  He was taking care of Pueblo House while I was on the roads touring, educating and documenting.   We thank him for all he’s done and wish him well in his endeavors while in New York, where his heart has always been and where his contributions to social and economic justice will continue. Adios Tino Fuentes. Please keep us updated as your journey!

Pueblo House is just about fully plumbed, wired and drywalled.  We’re made some extraordinary advances since arriving just over 2 weeks ago.   I’m happy to report that Joseph de Leon and Denise Valdez have accepted our offer to reside in the house and run all the community programs.   With all that they have been doing in Austin, TX it is a fantastic fit for Pueblo.   Here’s a little more about them:

Joseph M. de Leon and Denise Valdez met in San Antonio and have been a couple for 8 years. They’ve lived in Frederick, Maryland, Seattle, Washington, and currently reside in Austin, Texas. Both are committed to activism, sustainability, and community.

Denise, an artist, activist, and organizer, is dedicated to national-level activism and social justice. She spent 4 months in an encampment on Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. as part of the Occupy movement. While at the encampment she managed the kitchen for a period and ran the action committee.  After the occupation was disbanded, Denise went on to manage The Peace House in D.C. She coordinates several activism-related social media campaigns, including Occupy Washington D.C. and Searching for Occupy.

Joseph, a former newspaper reporter and computer literacy instructor, works in graphics and web design and contributes to the sustainability community in Austin. He manages a food recovery nonprofit called Keep Austin Fed and volunteers for such organizations as Austin Compost Coalition, Zilker Park Kite Festival, Funky Chicken Coop Tour, and several bicycling nonprofits.

Joseph and Denise, who operate a backyard garden with chickens and share their lives with 3 cats and a dog, were happy to have found a community where they can bring their unique combination of skills and experience to advocate for sustainable living and further their efforts in activism.

We certainly welcome them to Pueblo House and to the City of Pueblo where they are being welcomed with open arms.  We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship as we help make significant change on the East Side.


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