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Angela Davis talks @ CSU

February 21st, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Meetings | Pueblo

Tonight we got to see Denise’s long time idol Angela Davis (member of Black Panthers in the 60’s and a long time Activist) speak live at Colorado State University.  Her stories about social and economic justice along with talks about the prison industrial complex were very captivating.  She understands the problems in this Country and from where they stem.   We, at Occupy the Roads, appreciate her stories about fighting back and using what we have (our numbers and our civil disobedience) to do this.   Back in the 60’s she was put on the top 10 most wanted list by the FBI, which she laughs about today.  We love that she doesn’t scare easily and that she fought, for what she and others believed in, and that another world is possible!  Angela is correct in saying that just because we conquered segregation with blacks and gave voice to latino’s doesn’t mean we are free.   “We are a long way from freedom in this Country” said Angela.  The fight must continue so that we have a true democracy and the constitutional values are upheld for ALL not just the rich and powerful.

Today we salute Angela Davis and all those activists before us who paved way for the changes we have to date.  It’s going to be a long, difficult road to further this march toward equality and justice.  WE will roll up our sleeves, occupy where we can and bring the welcomed changed to our Communities, our Cities, our States, our Nation and the World.  Another world is possible and we aim to prove it!

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