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Heading west to Colorado!

January 27th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in 2nd visit (Dec) | Austin

There’s been a change in plans. We’ll be leaving Austin heading for Dallas, and then on to Pueblo. Ty Campbell has decided to continue his previous mission and head to Tucson. Raya Irene Rose is staying in Austin with her friends and plans to be involved with local activist efforts. We wish them both well and thank them for their contribution to OTR during the past few weeks, since NOLA. You are true activists and we hope to see you at Pueblo House some time.

Panama Blaek, Denise Valdez and I will be heading to Pueblo House, where we have plans to help organize the final touches, in preparing for occupancy. Denise’s husband Joe will be joining us there mid Feb. As you know, we have big plans for Pueblo House which was donated to OTR last June. This will be a hub for activism and community outreach in Colorado and around the Nation.

We’ll provide details later about the West Coast plans when we have those specifics. In the meantime we’ll be bringing loads of pictures and videos from Pueblo, as things progress. We’re pretty excited about our “little red house. If you’re in the neighborhood come visit us! (Janet)

With interviews to be edited and documentaries to be done, we’ll kept ourselves busy over the next few weeks. In between we’ll occupy some roads and continue the mission of educating, interviewing, reporting injustices and finding solutions.

If we’re to win this war on social injustice we will need every ounce of energy and every person we can to fight the battle of what ails us.

As a nation we have gone so far off course, some believe, we won’t find our way back. We, on the other hand, feel it is not too late! We never give up the fight for fairness and doing the right thing “For the People”. So as we are reconvening this week, we are reminding you to pick up the gauntlet and help us win the battle of greed and corruption so we can, once again, regain a sensible government. One where the people’s voice will drown out big Corp’s. We urge you to get involved, be involved, stay involved. It will take more than a village! We look forward to seeing you on the roads!

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