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Occupied the Stage-NOLA

December 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in New Orleans | Occupy the Stage

Now here at occupy the Stage and enjoying the company of some people I hadn’t see for a while (some back to March of this year).  The warehouse is quite different in that it has more rooms, lofts, tools and artwork.  It’s always a pleasure to be here in the midst of all the creativity and vision.  Raya & Ty had been tracking my arrival so they were here when I got here.  Tara, Justin and Robert filled me in on the premise and then that evening we had Liz, Callie & Brie show up and we all discussed education since all were students.  Once again I find myself running out of disc space and having to download all while using the phone to finish up.

Spent two days parked at there front door,  diligently working on finishing the kickstarter video, so we could try to raise money for a documentary on our first year.  Both Raya and Ty were fantastic in helping with editing thoughts and working out the kinks, wording, etc.   Happy to report it is now up and here’s the link:

Tomorrow we are heading out to a busy place (to be determined) so we can do some outreach and talk to people on the streets.

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