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War resisters – US + Canada

October 14th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in NYC-End the War | Toronto-Canada

Micah, Jules and Chris speak out about the war and why all soldiers should speak out and help stop the U.S. agression against other Countries. During my recent visit to Canada I met Jules and Chris along with their partners Nicole and Stephanie to talk about what it was like for them during their tours to Afghanistan. Micah, who is on board now (met in NYC) has also spoken up against the wars.  Not many know about the suicide rate of young vets, which is about 17 per day. It’s time we all got behind this cause and end the atrocities of war!

It is regretful that we have to share this information with our friends here in this way. This information is very important to Occupiers and Occupy groups and just came to our attention today. Please read and share the following:

“Dear fellow Occupiers and friends of Occupy The Roads:
We have some disappointing news we must share with all of you, something that came as a terrible shock to us and is causing amendment of our schedule and mission. The person whom we t
hought was our trustworthy contact with Occupy Marines and Occupy Armed Forces has turned out to be a complete fraud. Donny French never had any plan for or intention of arranging for an Occupy Armed Forces RV to join our cross-country caravan. And there was no “anonymous benefactor” that Donny claimed was funding this project; it was a complete fabrication. We’ve also learned that this isn’t the first time Donny French has committed such a fraud. Yet he had the audacity to claim all of this as fact and gave us solid reason to rely upon him for the continuing support of our Occupy The Roads mission.
Right now, as I type this sad statement, we are sitting in a parking lot on the outskirts of Akron, Ohio, preparing to move on to Canton, Ohio, and trying to reform our plans that will allow continuation of our mission. In tracking down the truth of what Donny French has done, we have been very fortunate today to connect with genuine members of Occupy Marines. They are also horrified at what Donny French has perpetrated and have kindly offered to lend us support and solidarity. We don’t yet have all the details and cannot say at this point just how and where our mission will progress, but we have confidence that we will be able to continue—possibly with an amended itinerary.
We especially want to share this with all groups and individuals so that no one else will be hoodwinked as we and others have been: WE STRONGLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH DONNY FRENCH.
Many thanks to our enthusiastic supporters—you’re a huge part of what keeps us going. For any and all who are able, please go to the WePay link on our website and make whatever donations you can—and share this with many others. Stay tuned for updates—on our website and Facebook pages—of how our mission will move forward (see links below). With you, we’ll find a way to make this work—your support is what keeps us occupying.
Janet, Diane and Micah”

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