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Occupy “All Hallows Eve” in Washington D.C.

October 31st, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in WA D.C. | White House

Nov. 2nd, 2012

We marched with the Veterans 4 Peace activists from the Veteran Affairs building to the White House where a few speeches were given about the neglect of the Veterans once they return home from war. Also mentioned was the very high suicide rate that should be alarming to anyone hearing the statistics. One veteran per day is committing suicide and that rate is growing. It’s time we put an end to all wars and bring these young men and women home out of harms way. We continue to work in solidarity with our friends from the armed forces with “Tour of Duty” mission to bring awareness to America!

Oct. 31st

Oh what a night… was really howlish (if that’s a word) :). We marched to the homes of the 1%’rs and the evil doers (animal rights violators). It was peaceful and uneventful until around 10pm when we visited Jack Evans a City Councilman where the police were arriving in droves. Happy to report that Jack decided to come out to speak with the group about why homeless shelters had been closed down with no recourse for those who stayed there. He committed to a meeting with he, the mayor and a couple others to discuss the issues surrounding homelessness in WA DC. We’ll make sure to hold him to it. As soon as we left there it got nasty. The one police officer (because there’s always 1) wanted really bad to arrest Jorge or Nancy who were voicing ( chanting loudly) their concerns as we were walking. He grabbed Nancy’s jacket arm at one point which was disturbing since she was walking away. Then as we approached the main street and walked along the roads the cruisers showed up at least 6. There a black police woman jumped out and charged at someone in front of me which I would have classed as assault. She proceeded to argue with the group and shout out in anger. At one point when she was walking back to the cruiser she beckoned an activist to come on the street (hoping to arrest him). We remained on the sidewalk and continued until we got to PNC bank where immediately the group were crammed on a short corner. Then from nowhere a male cop charged an activist (which I got on tape). We wondered if there was a shift change? Because previously the police were blocking traffic intersections and helping us stay safe. Then at 10 pm it changed dramatically. They ordered us to move and as we walked down the street we noticed a young black man being arrested. We stood with cameras recording and finally the man was released. Not sure if it was because we were there but it probably didn’t hurt, that all eyes were upon them. We marched back to Dupont Circle where we met with some occupiers who had arrived late and stayed to welcome us back. A very interesting night to say the least….and now for pictures!

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