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Hello Akron, OH

October 17th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Akron

We decided to desend upon the University of Akron for a spell to see what the students thought about what was going on. Sad to report they didn’t know much and most didn’t care.  Some did notice us and were curious about the Occupy Movement and the RV billboard.

Not many know what’s going on sadly. When a young man passed me he looked away and said “it doesn’t really affect me” I asked him who was paying off the trillions of debt being accumulated. Then he took the pamphlet and started to talk. We absolutely have to get our young people to know what’s going on!   Diane had been talking to people approaching the “V” since we parked.  Micah and I continued through the University handing out our “Tour of Duty” pamphlets. We probably spoke to 100 people in all.

Wasn’t long before the police moved us along and then proceeded to tell us that we needed a “pass” to hand out flyers. Yes the ever dreaded pass, aka “form”.  We decided to go get the form filled out so we could continue to educate on campus.  We went from building to building searching for the one (only one) person who could give us the form!  She was out.   We were going to continue with or without the paper. We’ll just do it from the parking lot.   Sorry constable Jaime!   But, thanks for the warning & understanding our cause and for your brother who is serving in the army as we speak.

About 1/2 hour later we got a call saying Lauren (that one and only person who could authorize “the form”) was back.  While Micah was finding Lauren and getting the paperwork done, I got to talk to a couple history professors/Dr’s who were very supportive.  A teacher we met outside  insisted that I come in and meet them. And that I did. It was a very interesting conversation and I was able to take some pictures while in the building.

Micah got us the form but, by this time, we had already given out a lot of information so we decided to park on a busy (empty) corner lot adjacent to the football stadium.  It was there we met the two Kevins and some others who were wondering about us. The RV is definitely a magnet for interested folks.  It was a very busy street corner for us 🙂

We ended the day parked just off the highway were we occupied the parking lot of a restaurant and went back and forth all night to a coffee shop for wifi since we had no generator operating. We continued on to Canton the next day.

The interesting thing about Akron was that barely a local restaurant was to be found. It appears the fast food chains had all but taken over the town. We searched for a small diner or coffee shop but couldn’t find anything.



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