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Heading to New York….3rd tour

October 1st, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Denver | St. Louis | Topeka

Oct. 2, 2012

Sitting just outside Indianapolis now calling it a night. Got to meet a few more interesting people along the way. One in St. Louis and another at a gas station (George). I had some bookkeeping to do and updating on FB & Website to get done. Happy to report I was able to catch up on most things tonight. I will try to “Occupy the Debates” tomorrow night via Livestream, if I can find free wifi somewhere. Want to see Denver in action! Some of our peeps will be there….Go Pueblo!

Oct 1, 2012

OTR left Pueblo on Saturday and joined Occupy the Debates in Denver around 3pm where I met Margaret Flowers and some familiar faces seen on our last tour. After the debates I followed the peoples march to the Court House where we took some pictures, and then OTR began its trek across America for the 3rd tour. The “V” was parked in Limon, CO overnight before making its way to Topeka and Kansas City. I met two really cool guys in Topeka (Shawn Kincaid and Cecile) were quite interested in OTR and what was happening. They know the media are not covering what’s really going on. We agreed that a publicly paid election would be best for America because we are attracting the wrong type of people who are running for President. Shawn gave me a little video of what he thought would work. I had a good laugh because I’ve been saying that myself…if American Idol can do it….why can’t we have American President?

Now, sitting just 100 miles west of St. Louis I will call it a night once again before heading through St. Louis going toward Indiannpolis.

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