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Back in New Jersey! Heading to NY tomorrow

October 5th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Newark

Finally arrived in Newark around 5 pm and had dinner with Clark and Julia. Get to be back. Looking forward to seeing everyone while we’re here and especially joining the Vets for Peace and the Anti-War prostest on Oct. 7th ( Sunday) at Veitnam’s Memorial Park in NYC.

Donny (Occupy Armed Forces) was great today as we spoke to people in reststops who were curious about what we were doing and the story we carry. Having someone who has served 2 tours in Iraq & Afghanistan sure was interesting conversation. The people we spoke to agree that the wars are too big a price to pay financially and emotionally and we need to stop all wars and bring the troops home. The suicide rate for our young men and women is very high and no one is addressing this. We were happy to see our friends in D.C. tackle this issue just this evening with a post on FB. Thank you John Penley!

We interviewed Camille and then others as we made our way into the State of New Jersey. Having fun, changing out signs and putting up “Occupy is NOT DEAD” on the back of the “V”. Lots of honks, peace sign waiving and cheers as we rolled down the highways.

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