Economic & Social Justice

Cleveland occupiers were few and far between but we managed to do some great outreach while in the city. We found ourselves Don B downtown and he took us around and gave us a little tour and spot in Ohio City where we managed to Occupy the Market Garden during the Presidential elections. It was quite busy in the back room where many Dem’s were meeting after the grand opening of their Campaign headquarters just down the street. (more…)

Congrats to Erie Occupy (our 100th city visited in June 2012) who celebrated their one-year anniversary and welcomed the V and our OTR team in great fashion and with much fervor despite it being a cold, rainy day.  About 55-60 occupiers turned out for the celebration, with lively music and refreshments served. Purpose and focus were renewed as they vowed to continue their occupation activities into the foreseeable future. Enjoy these photos of the Erie Occupiers and give them a hearty hello shout–we’re all in this effort together! (more…)