Economic & Social Justice

Nov. 2nd, 2012

We marched with the Veterans 4 Peace activists from the Veteran Affairs building to the White House where a few speeches were given about the neglect of the Veterans once they return home from war. Also mentioned was the very high suicide rate that should be alarming to anyone hearing the statistics. One veteran per day is committing suicide and that rate is growing. It’s time we put an end to all wars and bring these young men and women home out of harms way. We continue to work in solidarity with our friends from the armed forces with “Tour of Duty” mission to bring awareness to America! (more…)

Occupy Frederick, MD

October 27th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Frederick - (0 Comments)

Spent my birthday (yesterday) on route and then landing in Frederick, MD. We were listening to some good music at a local establishment called Fredericks Coffee Co. Today we’ve been occupying their place since 10 am this morning getting our admin and media blitz done. (more…)

Rices Landing and Dr. Counts

October 25th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Rices Landing - (Comments Off on Rices Landing and Dr. Counts)

Had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Counts who has lead an amazing life. Our stay here in Rices Landing was exceptional. She made us feel right at home with offering her place, food and laundry services. We truly respect this wonderful lady who has helped many along the way. We look forward to sharing her story soon. (more…)

We occupied the radio station at 90.7 with Steven, Mic Check and Tricky Dicky. The interview went well.

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Canton gave us a huge welcome

October 20th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Canton - (0 Comments)

Tara Nelson was extremely helpful in arranging a wonderful welcome to Canton. We drove up to the Arcadia Grill and there it was…..a beautiful sign they had made the night before. We were fed and stories were exchanged with all the good people who waited for us to arrive.

We had planned to be there early but something came up that left us devastated and we were regrouping and planning. Unfortunately the person who was responsible for getting us funding didn’t come through we have posted the story on FaceBook where you are able to see it here:

After a great dinner at Arcadia we all went to Primo’s for beer and great conversation. We met many new people who were very interested in what we’re doing. We ended the night with popcorn on the “V” and some much needed laughs. (more…)

Hello Akron, OH

October 17th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Akron - (0 Comments)

We decided to desend upon the University of Akron for a spell to see what the students thought about what was going on. Sad to report they didn’t know much and most didn’t care.  Some did notice us and were curious about the Occupy Movement and the RV billboard.

Not many know what’s going on sadly. When a young man passed me he looked away and said “it doesn’t really affect me” I asked him who was paying off the trillions of debt being accumulated. Then he took the pamphlet and started to talk. (more…)

Cleveland occupiers were few and far between but we managed to do some great outreach while in the city. We found ourselves Don B downtown and he took us around and gave us a little tour and spot in Ohio City where we managed to Occupy the Market Garden during the Presidential elections. It was quite busy in the back room where many Dem’s were meeting after the grand opening of their Campaign headquarters just down the street. (more…)

Congrats to Erie Occupy (our 100th city visited in June 2012) who celebrated their one-year anniversary and welcomed the V and our OTR team in great fashion and with much fervor despite it being a cold, rainy day.  About 55-60 occupiers turned out for the celebration, with lively music and refreshments served. Purpose and focus were renewed as they vowed to continue their occupation activities into the foreseeable future. Enjoy these photos of the Erie Occupiers and give them a hearty hello shout–we’re all in this effort together! (more…)

War resisters – US + Canada

October 14th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in NYC-End the War | Toronto-Canada - (Comments Off on War resisters – US + Canada)

Micah, Jules and Chris speak out about the war and why all soldiers should speak out and help stop the U.S. agression against other Countries. During my recent visit to Canada I met Jules and Chris along with their partners Nicole and Stephanie to talk about what it was like for them during their tours to Afghanistan. Micah, who is on board now (met in NYC) has also spoken up against the wars.  Not many know about the suicide rate of young vets, which is about 17 per day. It’s time we all got behind this cause and end the atrocities of war!


We occupied Buffalo for the 2nd time….

October 13th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Buffalo | New York -OWS | NYC-End the War | Toronto-Canada | Tour of Duty - (Comments Off on We occupied Buffalo for the 2nd time….)

Buffalo might be economically depressed, but the people are warm, loving and inviting. Visiting for the second time, we were treated well and welcomed by honks of “we get it” as we rolled through. Our 31 ft of billboard surely captures the attention of passers by. We are making our mini-tour before heading to D.C. and Buffalo was a city we wanted to hit again.

Both Windsor and Toronto were on my “get to” list so while I headed to Canada the “V” stayed in Buffalo and attended a couple sites of her own. We didn’t bang any pots this time but some of the crew did attend the Radical Philosophy Conference which they tell me was very good. (more…)