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East Side Community & Vets 4 Peace Meetings

September 20th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Meetings | Pueblo | Pueblo House

During the day it was clean up, vacuum and get the floors ready to be sanded.   100 years worth of dirt around the baseboards, in the window sills and closets, and now it looking very good.   The floor sander will be rented for the weekend so hopefully all the upstairs will be done and ready to varnish.

David and Zack are coming from Fort Collins on Sat. evening.  They’ll be bringing Tino and Rachel back (who flew in from NY) with them.  Framing will be done this weekend and early next week.   The electrical will be assessed on Sat. to advise on supplies that will be needed.  The students (with supervision from Ken) will be doing all the electric wiring over the next 3 weeks.  We’re so happy to have their support.   Big thanks to PCC for this opportunity.

Went to the East Side Community Meeting tonight and it was great. I asked if we might be able to start some dances for the young people after school on Fridays. If we have an obesity problem it probably because the kids have no way to burn off energy. Where’s the salsa dancing and the music? Let’s have a little fun and liven it up around here.
Then I attended a Vets 4 Peace meeting at the library and watched “where’d the money go?” which was about all the billions of $’s collected for Haiti. Sad to say not much went to the people of Haiti, as many are still living in tents and have no bathrooms or 1 bathroom for 200+ people. It was sickening to see and more disturbing was watching the CEO’s of the NGO’s patting themselves on their backs for job well done (over lobster and $60 bottles of wine). You just have to follow the money! Most often it will lead to corruption, unfortunately.

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