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It took a village….. but then the Chieftan covered us!

August 10th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in El Pueblo Unido | Pueblo

Loretta, who writes for the Pueblo Chieftan newspaper, came out yesterday to interview both Tino and I about the “little red house” known as “Pueblo House”. This little gem was recently donated to us. Much work is still to be done and funds are sparse. We hope this will bring us much needed donations so we can continue to improve this gem. Then the meetings to organize across the Nation and to figure out how we can help the local community will start. We can’t wait. But, right now we have no electricity, plumbing and the roof is in dire need. Please help if you’re able. Just bringing a bag of ice helps in this heat 🙂

Thank you to Neema, Lisa (both from Occupy Pueblo) and Loretta for making this happen.

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