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The “Little Red House” is now home to OTR for a while

August 6th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in El Pueblo Unido | Pueblo

Anyone and everyone is welcome to come to Pueblo to help work on the “little red house”. We managed to get this little piece of history in a very cool spot next to a community garden. Since arriving end of July there’s been an outpouring of help and offers to make this little house into something very special.

We’ve dedicated Aug. 12th to 19th to “occupy Pueblo house” and work as a team to finalize whatever we can with whatever money we have. So far the roof is ready to be installed, the plumber is hooking us up with water tomorrow, the electrician is bringing new power to the breaker box out back. We will need the house re-plumbed and rewired. The interior walls on the main floor are non-existant and new ones going in. All this was done in 12 days!

We applied for, and received, a grant from MRG (movement resource group in NY) for $5000. Of which the roof is going to cost $4000 and the electrical $1200. That leaves very little for much else. So….on the 17 + 18 we’re having a yard sale to help raise money for more supplies and repairs. We hope anyone who can make it will come out and camp out in our house! It’ll be a real “occupy” tent city! Front yard, back yard, inside, downstairs….where ever!

So pack your bags and car pool your bad selves here for a fun week with Tino and all the Occupy Pueblo folks! I on the other hand am going to miss it all, but will be here in spirit as I host a clean energy conference in Hawaii (my real job).

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