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Occupy Worcester + Occupy Caravan’s 2nd stop

June 27th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Worcester

What fanfare we experienced as we left Portland to journey off to Worcester. While still in Portland we assembled a table at the Market Fair which we happened to park next to and educated folks about “Occupy” and “Bradley Manning”. The response was great and lots of support and love given to OTR and the “V”. About 11:30 we had people gathering around the “V” along with the news media for both radio and TV who wanted to do interviews with me. Then it was cheering and rallying for the journey to begin. With only the “V” and 2 cars in the caravan we honked our way out of Portland and into Worcester arriving by 3:30 to a cheering audience in Salem Park. As promised Ben & Jerry’s icecream was available for all! And made a little easier when I managed to get to icecream scoops (instead of soup ladles) and some cones to put the icecream in, made more sense than big old plastic cups I thought and less garbage.

We marched on the Bank of America and Wells Fargo chanting our way up the streets of Worcester waving our signs. Of course a police escort for all 20 of us! The two motorcycle cops hung out in the park the whole time just sitting and watching. Loads of fun was had by all and then we loaded up the “V” and headed to the A-go-go (not sure if I have this name right) which is a house/barn/camp in the woods owned and run by a collective of people who all chip in to organize, grow and share food. Pretty cool place, except for tons of mosquitos :).

After vegan dinner we were entertained by PlayBack Theatre who did a fantastic job. Stories were shared and then acted out by 4 dressed in black and done very well. Kudo’s to them for a great job! Once finished we just gathered around the “V” and exchanged stories between occupies. Visitors on the “V” until midnight and voila…pictures today!

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