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Occupy Syracuse

June 18th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Syracuse

We rolled into Syracuse very late and didn’t see anyone first time around. But shortly afterward we realized the park was a couple blocks over and voila….there were the tents. We parked along side the encampment and had a visit with the occupiers who were still awake. After a sleep we awoke to the activities of occupiers who had been up for some time. We met Vermin Supreme who gave us a few laughs as he went into his political satire. After a GA (which we ustreamed) we followed the group to a luncheon put on by the local “Green Party” (Ursula-who is running for congress). We sat around a most beautiful and quiet setting to discuss our vision for the future. Ursula graciously hosted those of us who came. Many of our issues are the same, education reform, sustainability, money in politics and getting folks to understand how seriously in trouble this Country is right now. After the luncheon we said adios to our Buffalo comrades and headed in the direction of Albany. We think a little down time is in order before we start the Caravan to Philly. We will organize, strategize and make a grand entrance as we roll through the streets heading up the Caravan into the NATGAT convention.

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