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Occupy Newark – Occupy Caravan

June 30th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Newark

Last stop before Philly and what a stop it was. We entered Newark with the usual fanfare and got a very welcoming reception. For Tino and Tony it was like coming home since this is where the last 5 months started for Tino especially who’s spent that whole time on the “V”. We gathered in the park, shared food and stories. Clark from WikiLeaksTruck was there as was Julia from Vinylated. Both of whom were responsible for the Bradley Manning WikiLeaks graphics on the RV. It was 5 months ago we were outside in the cold on a Newark side street under a street light putting vinyl on the “V”. Awesome time! Now months later and over 9,000 miles more we’re back. After eating lunch we made some buttons for OTR, Newark and Anonymous.

We spent the afternoon hanging out in the same parking space as before and met all those who knew we were coming. It was later in the day we went to visit a wonderful lady named Mrs. Wallace who told us here compelling story….that after working with kids for over 40 years her building and and the organization run the risk of shutting down for lack of financing. We listened to her story and felt sad that even with all the awards doning the halls it has come to money as a reason to stop viable programs like hers. Her husband was an incredible man who fought to keep these types of programs alive to help the kids in the neighborhood where kids are being shot almost daily. The night before we arrived 2 kids had been shot. Yet she reaches out for help to keep the “International Youth Organization” going so she can keep the kids off the streets and educated. Her moving interview will be published shortly.

We got back to Military Park and picked up some members and those who had been marching, then took everyone back to the IYO building where airconditioning and wonderful accommodations were provided. For Mrs. Wallace we made some buttons especially for the IYO to raise funds. Hatari (native of Newark and strong community organizer) along with OTR will help Mrs. Wallace find a way to keep the mission going. We are strong advocates for the young people of this Country who do not have the resources. There are far too many road blocks deterring funds from much needed programs here in Newark and other cities we’ve visited. Where are our priorities?

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